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140—Dishonest dealings with documents

        (1)         For the purposes of this section, a document is "false" if the document gives a misleading impression about—

            (a)         the nature, validity or effect of the document; or

            (b)         any fact (such as, for example, the identity, capacity or official position of an apparent signatory to the document) on which its validity or effect may be dependent; or

            (c)         the existence or terms of a transaction to which the document appears to relate.

        (2)         A document that is a true copy of a document that is false under the criteria prescribed by subsection (1) is also false.

        (3)         A person engages in conduct to which this section applies if the person—

            (a)         creates a document that is false; or

            (b)         falsifies a document; or

            (c)         has possession of a document knowing it to be false; or

            (d)         produces, publishes or uses a document knowing it to be false; or

            (e)         destroys, conceals or suppresses a document.

        (4)         A person is guilty of an offence if the person dishonestly engages in conduct to which this section applies intending—

            (a)         one of the following:

                  (i)         to deceive another, or people generally, or to facilitate deception of another, or people generally, by someone else;

                  (ii)         to exploit the ignorance of another, or the ignorance of people generally, about the true state of affairs;

                  (iii)         to manipulate a machine or to facilitate manipulation of a machine by someone else; and

            (b)         by that means—

                  (i)         to benefit him/herself or another; or

                  (ii)         to cause a detriment to another.

Maximum penalty:

            (a)         for a basic offence—imprisonment for 10 years;

            (b)         for an aggravated offence—imprisonment for 15 years.

        (5)         A person cannot be convicted of an offence against subsection (4) on the basis that the person has concealed or suppressed a document unless it is established that—

            (a)         the person has taken some positive step to conceal or suppress the document; or

            (b)         the person was under a duty to reveal the existence of the document and failed to comply with that duty; or

            (c)         the person, knowing of the existence of the document, has responded dishonestly to inquiries directed at finding out whether the document, or a document of the relevant kind, exists.

        (6)         A person who has, in his or her possession, without lawful excuse, any article for creating a false document or for falsifying a document is guilty of an offence.

Maximum penalty: Imprisonment for 2 years.

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