South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 1A--Actions for child abuse

   3A.     No limitation period for child abuse actions

   PART 2--Proceedings for recovery of land or rent

   4.      Limitation in actions for recovery of rent or land
   5.      Time of accrual of right of action
   6.      Where claimant has been in possession and discontinued possession
   7.      Case where person in possession has died
   8.      Case where land alienated
   9.      Future estates
   10.     Forfeiture or breach of condition
   11.     Where average of forfeiture is not taken by remainder-man
   12.     Mortgage
   13.     Reversioner to have new right
   14.     Administrators
   15.     Where land subject to tenancy at will
   16.     Tenancy from year to year
   17.     Where rent amounting to two dollars reserved by a lease in writing, wrongfully received
   18.     Entry not to be possession
   19.     Continual claim
   20.     Possession of joint tenant
   21.     Effect of acknowledgment by person in possession
   22.     Effect of future estates when estate in possession barred
   23.     Tenants in tail and remainder-men
   24.     Possession adverse to a tenant in tail to run against a remainder-man
   25.     Concealed fraud
   26.     Saving jurisdiction of equity
   27.     Time when mortgagor barred
   28.     Extinction of rights at end of period of limitation
   29.     Receipt of rent to be deemed receipt of profits
   30.     No descent, warranty etc to bar a right of entry

   PART 3--Claims for trust property or breach of trust

   31.     Application of Act to express trusts
   32.     Further provisions as to application of Act to trusts

   PART 4--Recovery of money charged on land and legacies

   33.     Money charged upon land and legacies

   PART 5--Actions on specialty

   34.     Limitation of action on specialty

   PART 6--Actions on simple contract and in tort

   35.     Actions on simple contract and in tort
   36.     Personal injuries
   37.     Defamation proceedings generally to be commenced within 1 year
   37A.    Defamation proceedings--single publication rule
   37B.     Defamation proceedings--extension of limitation period
   37C.    Defamation proceedings--effect of limitation law concerning electronic publications on other laws
   38.     Limitation on actions for recovery of money
   38A.    Limitation laws are substantive laws
   39.     Absence from State of person liable
   40.     Absence from State of a joint debtor
   41.     Payment by a contractor
   42.     Effect of oral acknowledgment
   43.     Endorsements of payment
   44.     Simple contract debt by way of set-off

   PART 7--Miscellaneous

   45.     Persons under legal disability
   45A.    Special provision regarding children
   46.     Imprisonment or absence of persons entitled to action
   46A.    Extension of period of limitation where cause of action survives
   47.     Extension of certain periods of limitation
   48.     General power to extend periods of limitation
   49.     Other rules of law or equity to be unaffected
   50.     Dispensation with requirement of notice before action
           Legislative history
           The Parliament of South Australia enacts as

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