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92—Annual report of Chief Psychiatrist

        (1)         The Chief Psychiatrist must, before 30 September in each year, present a report to the Minister containing—

            (aa)         in respect of the administrative functions conferred on the Chief Psychiatrist under this Act—information about how the Chief Psychiatrist has performed those functions; and

            (a)         in respect of each level of community treatment order and inpatient treatment order

                  (i)         information about the number and duration of the orders made or in force during the preceding financial year; and

                  (ii)         demographic information about the patients, including information about areas of residence and places of treatment; and

            (b)         in respect of the administration of Part 10 (Arrangements between South Australia and other jurisdictions)—

                  (i)         a statement of the number of occasions during the preceding financial year on which powers have been exercised under each of the following provisions:

                        (A)         section 66(1) (South Australian community treatment orders and treatment in other jurisdictions);

                        (B)         section 69 (Making of South Australian community treatment orders when interstate orders apply);

                        (C)         section 70(1) (Transfer from South Australian treatment centres);

                        (D)         section 71 (Transfer to South Australian treatment centres);

                        (E)         section 74(1) (Transport to other jurisdictions when South Australian inpatient treatment orders apply);

                        (F)         section 75(2) (Transport to other jurisdictions of persons with apparent mental illness);

                        (G)         section 76(1) or (4) (Transport to other jurisdictions when interstate inpatient treatment orders apply);

                        (H)         section 77(1) or (3) (Transport to South Australia when South Australian inpatient treatment orders apply);

                        (I)         section 78 (Transport to South Australia of persons with apparent mental illness); and

                  (ii)         information about the circumstances in which the powers were exercised.

        (2)         The Minister must, within 12 sitting days after receipt of a report under this section, cause copies of the report to be laid before each House of Parliament.

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