South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title

   PART 2--Promissory oaths and declarations

           Division 1--Oaths

   4.      Interpretation
   5.      Oaths to be taken by the Governor
   6.      Oaths to be taken by members of the Executive Council
   6A.     Oaths to be taken by Ministers who are not members of the Executive Council or by Parliamentary Secretary to a Minister
   7.      Oaths to be taken by judicial officers
   8.      Form of oath of allegiance
   9.      Form of official oath
   10.     Form of oath of fidelity
   11.     Form of judicial oath
   12.     Use of name of Sovereign for the time being

           Division 2--Affirmations

   13.     Affirmation in lieu of oath
   14.     Form of affirmation
   15.     Persons entitled to take affirmations
   16.     Penalty on not taking prescribed oath

           Division 3--Miscellaneous

   17.     Prohibition on use of oath of allegiance
   18.     Substitution of declarations for oaths
   19.     Effect of not making declaration as required by this Part
   20.     Saving of power to alter declaration
   21.     Saving
   22.     Saving of rights dependent upon taking an oath

   PART 3--Statutory declarations

   23.     Operation of the Imperial Act, 5 and 6 Wm. 4 c. 62
   24.     Part not to apply to oaths in judicial proceedings
   25.     Taking statutory declarations
   26.     Fees on taking of oath
   27.     False declaration

   PART 4--Affidavits

   27A.    Taking affidavits
   28.     Commissioners for taking affidavits etc
   30.     False statement by affidavit
   31.     Supreme Court to take judicial notice of signatures

   PART 5--Miscellaneous

   32.     Minor non-compliance does not affect validity
   33.     Codes of practice
   34.     Requirements of other Acts taken to be complied with
   35.     Offence of taking affidavit, affirmation or declaration without authority
   36.     Immunity
   37.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 1--Authorisation of persons
           Legislative history

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