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74—Power to require counselling

        (1)         If the Chief Public Health Officer has reasonable grounds to believe that a person has, or has been exposed to, a controlled notifiable condition, the Chief Public Health Officer may impose a requirement on the person under this section.

        (2)         However, the Chief Public Health Officer should not act under this section unless satisfied that the person has been given a reasonable opportunity to participate in the relevant counselling or activity but has failed to do so.

        (3)         A requirement will be imposed by service of an order on the person unless the Chief Public Health Officer considers that urgent action is required in the circumstances of the particular case, in which case an oral order may be given.

        (3a)         If an oral order is given under subsection (3), the Chief Public Health Officer must confirm the order by notice in writing served on the person as soon as practicable, but in any event within 72 hours, after giving the order (and a failure to serve a notice in accordance with this subsection will not affect the validity of the order).

        (4)         A requirement that may be imposed on a person under this section is that the person participate in 1 or more of the following:

            (a)         counselling;

            (b)         education;

            (c)         other activities relevant to understanding the controlled notifiable condition or the impact or implications of the controlled notifiable condition.

        (5)         Without limiting subsection (4), the order may specify the type, nature or extent of any counselling, and the type or details of any information that must be provided to the person.

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