South Australian Current Regulations

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20—Obeying the speed limit

A driver must not drive at a speed over the speed limit applying to the driver for the length of road where the driver is driving.

Offence provision.

Note 1—

The rules about speed limits are as follows:

        •         rule 21—speed limit where a speed limit sign applies

        •         rule 22—speed limit in a speed limited area

        •         rule 23—speed limit in a school zone

        •         rule 24—speed limit in a shared zone

        •         rule 25—speed limit elsewhere.

Note 2—

"Road" includes a road-related area—see rule 11(2).

Note 3—

"Length" of road includes a marked lane, a part of a marked lane, or another part of a length of road—see the definition in the dictionary.

Note 4—

Part 20 Division 2 deals with the way in which a traffic sign applies to a length of road. Part 20 Division 3 deals with the way in which the traffic sign applies to drivers driving on the length of road.

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