South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Burial and Cremation Act 2013


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 2--Disposal of human remains

   4.      Interment of bodily remains in prescribed area outside cemetery or natural burial ground (section 8(2)(a)(ii) and (b) of Act)
   4A.     Cremation of de-identified bodily remains imported for use by school of anatomy
   5.      Bodily remains not to be moved within, or removed from, place of death until identified
   6.      Identification of bodily remains where identity has not been ascertained
   7.      Identification of bodily remains to be checked before burial or cremation
   9.      Documents to be provided before disposal of bodily remains (section 12(2) of Act)
   9A.     Prescribed variations of Act where deceased died as a result of voluntary assisted dying
   10.     Certificate of identification to be forwarded to Registrar
   11.     Lift and deepen procedure (section 13(2)(b)(ii) of Act)
   12.     Removal of bodily remains to ossuary within cemetery (section 13(4)(b) of Act)
   13.     Prohibition on giving certificate of cause of death in certain circumstances (section 14 of Act)
   14.     Transport of bodily remains (section 15 of Act)
   15.     Depth of interment
   16.     Filling of sunken interment sites
   17.     Interment of name plate with human remains
   18.     Interment in mausolea and vaults
   19.     Powers of relevant authority in relation to mausolea and vaults
   20.     Coffins
   21.     Removal and disposal of name plate etc from coffin before cremation

   PART 3--Cemeteries, natural burial grounds and crematoria

   22.     Cemetery to be fenced
   23.     Dangerous driving
   24.     Drivers to comply with directions of relevant authority
   25.     Prohibited activities
   26.     Power of relevant authority in relation to things on interment sites
   27.     Power of relevant authority to require persons to leave cemetery or natural burial ground
   28.     Closure of cemeteries and natural burial grounds (section 24 of Act)
   29.     Conversion of closed cemeteries into public parks or gardens (section 26 of Act)
   30.     Renewal of interment rights (section 32 of Act)
   31.     Surrender of interment rights (section 34 of Act)
   32.     Exercise or enforcement of interment rights (section 35 of Act)
   33.     Re-use of interment sites (section 38 of Act)
   34.     Disposal of unclaimed memorials (section 42 of Act)
   35.     Neglected cemeteries and natural burial grounds (section 46 of Act)
   36.     Registers, records and plans to be kept by relevant authorities (section 53 of Act)

   PART 4--Miscellaneous

   38.     Applications for warrants (section 59(6) of Act)
           SCHEDULE 1--Surrender of interment rights
           Legislative history

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