South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Controlled Substances Act 1984


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Application of regulations

   PART 2--Controlled substances

   5.      Declaration of poisons (section 12(1) of Act)
   6.      Declaration of prescription drugs (section 12(2) of Act)
   7.      Declaration of drugs of dependence (section 12(3) of Act)
   8.      Declaration of volatile solvents (section 12(7) of Act)

   PART 3--Application of Part 4 of Act (general offences)

   9.      Manufacture, production and packing (section 13 of Act)
   10.     Exemption from section 13 of Act
   11.     Sale by wholesale (section 14 of Act)
   12.     Sale or supply to end user (section 15 of Act)
   13.     Directions to be given for safe and proper use of S3 poisons sold by retail etc
   14.     Special provisions relating to sale or supply of pseudoephedrine
   15.     Sale of certain poisons (section 16 of Act)
   16.     Declaration of precursors (sections 17A, 17B and 17C of Act)
   17.     End user statement for precursors (sections 17B and 17C of Act)
   18.     Regulation of prescription drugs--administration of certain S4 drugs (section 18(1d)(a)(iii) of Act)
   19.     Regulation of prescription drugs--prescription of certain S4 drugs by medical practitioners (section 18(2) of Act)
   21.     Exemptions from section 18 of Act
   22.     Exemptions from section 18A of Act
   23.     Sale or supply of volatile solvents (section 19 of Act)
   24.     Automatic vending machines (section 20 of Act)
   25.     Possession of poisons (section 22 of Act)
   26.     Packaging and labelling of poisons (section 24 of Act)
   27.     Storage of poisons (section 25 of Act)
   28.     Consignment of poisons for transport
   29.     Transport of poisons (section 26 of Act)
   30.     Prohibition on use of certain poisons for certain purposes (section 27 of Act)
   31.     Prohibition on use of certain poisons
   32.     Restrictions on advertising (section 28 of Act)

   PART 4--Prescriptions and dispensing

   33.     How prescription to be given
   34.     Written prescriptions
   35.     Dispensing prescriptions

   PART 5--Special provisions relating to drugs of dependence

   36.     Interpretation
   37.     Special restrictions on prescription or supply of drugs of dependence by registered health practitioners and veterinary surgeons
   38.     Restriction on prescribing or supplying S2, S3 or S4 poisons containing S8 poisons
   39.     Records to be kept by manufacturers of drugs of dependence
   40.     Records to be kept by sellers and suppliers of drugs of dependence
   41.     Records to be kept by suppliers of drugs of dependence who receive such drugs
   42.     Supply or administration of drugs of dependence by registered health practitioner
   43.     Sale, supply or administration of drugs of dependence by veterinary surgeon
   44.     Additional requirements for administration of drugs of dependence in health service facility
   45.     Destruction of drugs of dependence

   PART 5A--Special provisions relating to certain paints and tinters

   45A.    Restrictions on manufacture, sale, supply and use of certain paints and tinters

   PART 6--Other offences

   46.     Prohibition on giving samples of S8 poisons
   47.     Offences relating to sale or supply of poisons
   48.     Offence to dispose of poison
   49.     Keeping of records etc
   50.     Vicarious liability

   PART 7--Miscellaneous

   51.     Personal identification code equivalent to signature
   52.     Permits (section 56(1) of Act)
   53.     Prescribed professional associations (section 58(1a) of Act)
   54.     Corresponding laws (section 61(4) of Act)
   55.     Place at which codes, standards and other documents must be kept for public inspection etc (section 63(5a)(a) of Act)
   56.     Approvals, determinations and exemptions
           SCHEDULE 1--Forms
           SCHEDULE 2--Transitional provisions
           Legislative history

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