South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Community Titles Act 1996


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Interpretation

   PART 2--Requirements relating to plans

   4.      Plans and maps to comply with guidelines
   5.      Lot entitlements (section 20(3) of Act)
   6.      Encroachments
   7.      Minor amendment of plan
   8.      Submission of outer boundary survey plan
   9.      Examination of plans
   10.     Additional information as to applications
   11.     Certification of irregular boundaries
   12.     Notification on deposit of plan
   13.     Issue of certificates of title on deposit of plan
   13A.    Application to ERD Court to amend or cancel a community plan (sections 59 and 67 of Act)

   PART 3--Administration of community schemes

           Division 1--General

   14.     Body corporate managers (section 78B of Act)
   14A.    Return of records and trust money when delegations revoked (section 78D of Act)
   15.     Matters to be addressed at first statutory general meeting
   16.     Agenda at annual general meeting (section 81(5)(d) of Act)
   16A.    Procedure at meetings (section 83 of Act)
   16B.    Special resolutions--3 lot schemes (section 88 of Act)
   16C.    Fidelity guarantee insurance (section 104 of Act)
   17.     Proof of insurance
   18.     Unanimous or special resolution for acquisition of property
   18A.    Statement of expenditure etc (section 113 of Act)
   19.     Interest on arrears of contributions by lot owners (section 114(4)(b) of Act)
   20.     Notice for payment of contribution or instalment (section 114(6)(a) of Act)
   21.     Resolutions authorising expenditure (section 119 of Act)
   22.     Register of owners of community lots (section 135(2) of Act)
   23.     Records (sections 136 and 137 of Act)
   24.     Audit (section 138(4) of Act)
   25.     Fee for provision of information
   26.     Services provided by corporations
   26A.    Functions of secretary and treasurer of corporation

           Division 2--Agent's trust accounts

   27.     Authorisation of fees, costs and disbursements (section 123(b) of Act)
   28.     Authorised trust accounts (section 124 of Act)
   29.     General duty with respect to electronic records
   30.     Cash books
   31.     Separate trust ledger accounts
   32.     Reconciliation statements
   33.     Receipt of trust money
   34.     Payment of trust money
   35.     Audit of trust accounts
   36.     Agent's statement
   37.     Certain persons may not audit accounts and records of agent

   PART 4--Miscellaneous

   38.     By-laws of corporation--penalty notice
   39.     Holding of deposit and other contract moneys when lot is pre-sold (section 142A of Act)
   40.     Indemnity fund under Land Agents Act 1994 (section 155A of Act)
           SCHEDULE 1--Forms
           Legislative history

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