South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Education and Children's Services Act 2019


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Application of regulations to non-Government schools

   PART 2--Interpretation

   5.      Approved learning programs
   6.      Children's services
   7.      Head of approved learning program
   8.      Promotional level

   PART 3--Ministerial directions and instructions

   9.      Minister may give directions and instructions

   PART 4--Preschools and children's services centres

   10.     Closure of stand-alone preschools and children's services centres

   PART 5--Special purpose schools

   11.     Special purpose schools

   PART 6--Provision of education in schools

           Division 1--Enrolment

   12.     Enrolment in Government schools
   13.     Enrolment in approved learning programs
   14.     Chief Executive may direct that child be enrolled in particular school
   15.     Special provisions relating to enrolment of adult students
   16.     Certain information to be provided on enrolment
   16A.    Report provided to principal by other principal in respect of specified child

           Division 2--School terms, school days and special days etc

   17.     School terms
   18.     School days
   19.     Organisation of school days
   20.     Homework
   21.     Officers of teaching service may be required to give assistance on days when schools etc are closed

           Division 3--Attendance at school and participation in approved learning programs

   22.     Prescribed reasons for child of compulsory school age failing to attend school
   23.     Prescribed reasons for failing to participate in approved learning program
   24.     Prescribed information in reports of persistent non-attendance or non-participation
   25.     Authorised officers to take steps to ensure attendance

           Division 4--Suspension, exclusion and expulsion of students

   26.     Determination to suspend, exclude or expel a student
   27.     Offence for suspended, excluded or expelled student to be on school grounds

           Division 5--Additional provisions relating to school discipline

   28.     School control of students
   29.     Right to search student's bags etc
   30.     Payments for damage caused by students

           Division 6--Religious and cultural activities

   31.     Persons prescribed to conduct religious or cultural activities
   32.     Exemption from participation in religious or cultural activities

           Division 6A--Registration of student exchange programs

   32A.    Registration of student exchange programs--fees and waiver and remission of fees

           Division 7--Sex education

   33.     Exemption from instruction in sex education

           Division 8--Student allowances and scholarships

   34.     Interpretation
   35.     Travelling allowances for students
   36.     Travelling allowance for students with disabilities
   37.     Educational allowances for certain secondary school students
   38.     Scholarships etc for students

           Division 9--Dress codes

   39.     Dress codes

   PART 7--Protections for teachers, staff and students etc in schools, preschools and children's services centres

   40.     Premises to which Part 8 of Act applies
   41.     Review of barring notice by Minister

   PART 8--The teaching service

           Division 1--Appointment

   42.     Merit-based selection processes
   43.     Application for appointment to the teaching service
   44.     Application for inclusion in pool of applicants
   45.     Exceptions to requirement for merit-based selection processes
   46.     Probation--term employee
   47.     Condition of employment

           Division 2--Duties, classification, promotion and transfer

   48.     Assignment of duties and transfer to non-teaching position within Department
   50.     Reclassification applications
   51.     Appointments to promotional level positions
   52.     Acting appointments

           Division 3--Leave of absence

   53.     Leave on the ground of illness
   54.     Skills and experience retention leave entitlement
   55.     Long service leave on half pay
   56.     Absence to be reported
   57.     Special leave
   58.     Special provision relating to maternity leave
   59.     Infectious diseases and special leave
   60.     War service sick leave
   61.     Continuity of service

           Division 4--Absence from duty

   62.     Absence from duty

           Division 5--Salaries and allowances

   63.     Salary above minimum
   64.     Positions not covered in an award
   65.     Deduction from salaries of rents for certain residences
   66.     Travelling expenses

           Division 6--Disciplinary action and management of unsatisfactory performance

   67.     Disciplinary action
   68.     Scheme for reduction in remuneration level

           Division 7--Miscellaneous

   69.     Cost of medical examination
   70.     Compliance with policies and instructions
   71.     Impartiality of instruction
   72.     Responsibilities of principals etc and officers of teaching service
   73.     Officers of teaching service not to incur liability on behalf of Government
   74.     Report to be provided to Chief Executive where certain legal proceedings commenced
   75.     Scholarships etc for teachers
   76.     Resignation to contest an election

   PART 9--Other employment and staffing arrangements

   77.     Application of Part 7 and Schedule 1 of the Public Sector Act 2009 to employees under Part 10 of Act

   PART 10--Appeals

   78.     Certain decisions not reviewable
   79.     Election of officers of the teaching service as supplementary panel members for SAET
   80.     Selection of panel members for particular SAET proceedings

   PART 11--Financial provisions

           Division 1--Materials and services charges for schools

   81.     Prescribed amount
   82.     Requirement for written notice of materials and services charge
   83.     Recovery of debt to comply with Chief Executive's directions etc

           Division 2--Other fees and charges

   84.     Charges for certain overseas and non-resident students

           Division 3--Provision of materials in cases of hardship

   85.     Chief Executive may provide materials etc in cases of hardship

           Division 4--School funds etc

   86.     School funds etc

   PART 12--Information gathering etc

   87.     Sharing of information between certain persons and bodies
   88.     Approved learning program providers to provide certain information to Minister
   89.     Person responsible for student to notify principal of school etc where change in information
   90.     Schools to provide certain information

   PART 13--Miscellaneous

   91.     Regulation of traffic on premises of Government schools and Government stand-alone preschools and children's services centres
   92.     Records and documents property of Minister
           SCHEDULE 1A--Fees (Registration of student exchange organisations)
           SCHEDULE 2--Transitional provisions
           Legislative history

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