South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Electoral Act 1985


   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Forms
   5.      Prescribed authorities (section 27A)
           5A. Registration of political parties--nomination of party entitled to rely on person (section 36)
           5B. Registration of political parties--annual returns and other inquiries (section 43A)
           5C. Prescribed persons (section 46B)
           6. Deposit to be paid on nomination (sections 53 and 53A)
           7. Procedure for lots (sections 59, 60, 93, 95 and 96)
           8. Photographs of candidates (section 64)
           9. How-to-vote cards (section 66)
           9A. Person entitled to make declaration vote for a reason of a prescribed nature (section 71)
           10. Applications for voting papers (section 73)
           11. Prescribed mark (sections 73 and 94)
           12. Prescribed manner for issue or dispatch of declaration voting papers (section 74)
           12A. Electronically assisted voting for sight-impaired electors--preliminary (sections 84A and 84B)
           12B. Electronically assisted voting method--VoteAssist (sections 84A and 84B)
           13. Prescribed period (section 85)
           14. Prescribed class of articles (section 112)
           15. Prescribed requirements for how-to-vote cards (section 112A)
           16. Prescribed circumstances (section 115)
           17. Prescribed classes of material (section 116)
           17A. Requirements for electoral advertising posters near polling booths (section 125)
           18. Interpretation--definition of auditor (section 130A)
           18A. Interpretation--definition of political expenditure (section 130A)
           19. Principles for determining amount or value of gifts other than money (section 130A)
           20. Public funding--prescribed period and manner for making of payments (section 130R)
           21. Special assistance funding for political parties--nomination of party entitled to rely on person (section 130T)
           21A. Amount of half yearly entitlement of special assistance funding (section 130U)
           21B. Return in respect of gifts to relevant entities--additional information (section 130ZH)
           22. Returns--prescribed details (sections 130ZF, 130ZG, 130ZH and 130ZI)
           22A. Returns--additional information (sections 130ZG and 130ZH)
           23. Returns by registered political parties or third parties--prescribed particulars (sections 130ZN and 130ZP)
           23A. Returns by associated entities (section 130ZO and 130ZZH)
           24. Public inspection of returns--prescribed period (section 130ZY)
           25. Agent of party to notify Electoral Commissioner of disendorsement of candidate (section 139)
           26. Application and modification of Part 13A where candidate disendorsed by party (section 139)
           27. Transitional provision--returns under Part 13A (section 139)
           SCHEDULE 1--Forms
           Legislative history

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