South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Explosives Act 1936


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.01.   Short title
   1.05.   Interpretation
   1.06.   Duties and responsibilities
   1.07.   Expiation of alleged offences

   PART 2--Classification of explosives

   2.01.   Explosives to be classified or unclassified
   2.02.   Possession etc of unclassified explosive
   2.03.   Classified explosives
   2.04.   Categories of explosive
   2.05.   Publication of list of classified explosives

   PART 3--Licensing of factories and manufacture of explosives

   3.001.  Application of Part
   3.01.   Application for licence of factory for manufacture of explosives
   3.02.   Licence application
   3.03.   Chief Inspector to report to Minister on application
   3.04.   Action by Minister on consideration of application
   3.05.   Authorisation by Minister to grant licence
   3.06.   Terms and conditions of licence
   3.07.   Factory to be used in accordance with licence conditions
   3.08.   Maintenance of licensed factory
   3.09.   Quantity of explosive kept in factory
   3.10.   Use of factory magazine
   3.11.   Manufacture and keeping of explosives to comply with directions of inspector
   3.12.   Danger buildings
   3.13.   Repairs to danger building
   3.14.   Information to be affixed to danger building
   3.15.   Requirement for lightning conductors
   3.16.   Use of tools or implements in danger building
   3.17.   Clothing of persons working in danger building
   3.18.   Removal of foreign matter in manufacture of explosives
   3.19.   Prohibition on smoking
   3.20.   Prohibition on certain articles in factory and danger building
   3.21.   Supervision of persons under 16 years
   3.22.   Transportation of explosives within or outside factory
   3.23.   Removal of ingredients with explosive properties
   3.24.   Packing and marking of explosives before removal from factory
   3.25.   Magazine not to contain broken or defective cases etc
   3.26.   Locking of magazine doors
   3.27.   Keys to danger building
   3.28.   Action required on approach of thunderstorm
   3.29.   Precautions to be taken by persons working in factory
   3.30.   Reporting of theft, loss or unauthorised interference with explosives
   3.31.   Revocation of licence by Chief Inspector
   3.32.   Penalty provision

   PART 4--Mixing and using of Ammonium Nitrate mixtures of Classification Code 1.1D

   4.01.   Interpretation
   4.02.   Requirement for licence for mixing of Ammonium Nitrate mixture
   4.03.   Licence application
   4.04.   Consideration of licence application by Chief Inspector
   4.05.   Terms and conditions of licence
   4.06.   Application of regulations to persons acting under licence granted under this Part
   4.07.   Mixing Ammonium Nitrate mixture at point of use
   4.08.   Mixing of Ammonium Nitrate by person who is not licensee
   4.09.   Quantity of Ammonium Nitrate mixture required for immediate use
   4.10.   Overnight storage of Ammonium Nitrate mixture
   4.11.   Storage of detonators, priming cartridges and fuses
   4.12.   Prohibition on smoking
   4.13.   Requirements for mixing appliances
   4.14.   Approval of Chief Inspector to mount mixing appliance on vehicle
   4.15.   Naked flame prohibited near Ammonium Nitrate mixture
   4.16.   Application of regulations where Ammonium Nitrate mixture not for immediate use
   4.17.   Requirements of a site for preparation of Ammonium Nitrate mixture
   4.18.   Requirements for structures used for mixing Ammonium Nitrate mixture
   4.19.   Prohibition on quantity of mineral oil within seven metres of site
   4.20.   Prohibition on quantity of mineral oil within 45 metres of site
   4.21.   Spillage of ammonium nitrate or Ammonium Nitrate mixture
   4.22.   Combustible material prohibited near a site
   4.23.   Attendance of a site containing Ammonium Nitrate mixture
   4.24.   Nighttime storage of Ammonium Nitrate mixture
   4.25.   Storage containers for Ammonium Nitrate mixture
   4.26.   Water access requirements
   4.27.   Additional water access requirements
   4.28.   Revocation of licence by Chief Inspector
   4.29.   Penalty provision

   PART 5--Filling for sale of cartridges for small arms with any explosive

   5.01.   Interpretation
   5.02.   Requirement for licence for filling cartridges for small arms
   5.03.   Filling room requirements
   5.04.   Protective measures in respect of filling cartridges
   5.05.   Supervision of persons under 16 years
   5.06.   Storage of inflammable articles prohibited near filling room
   5.07.   Inspector may issue notices
   5.08.   Penalty provision

   PART 6--Packing and labelling of explosives

   6.001.  Application of Part
   6.01.   Interpretation
   6.02.   Package of explosives to be free of foreign matter
   6.03.   Package used for explosives not to contain exposed iron or steel
   6.04.   No re-use of packaging etc
   6.05.   Maximum quantities permitted to be packed in inner and outer packages
   6.06.   Additional packaging permitted
   6.07.   Packaging and marking of unclassified explosive to be in accordance with a special authority
   6.08.   Marking of detonators and blasting caps
   6.09.   Marking of detonating relay
   6.10.   Marking of outer package of explosive
   6.11.   Exemptions from this Part granted by special authority
   6.12.   Penalty provision

   PART 7--Carriage of explosives

   7.001.  Application of Part
   7.01.   Interpretation
   7.02.   Requirement for licence for carriage of certain quantities of explosives
   7.03.   Application for licence to carry explosives in vehicle
   7.04.   Terms and conditions of licence to carry explosives in vehicle
   7.05.   False or misleading statements
   7.06.   Approval to carry certain explosives with passengers in vehicle or boat
   7.07.   Vehicle or boat used to carry explosives to be in good repair
   7.08.   Driver of vehicle to be licensed
   7.09.   Vehicle or boat carrying explosives to comply with regulations
   7.10.   /a> Carriage of explosives of different Compatibility Groups and detonators
   7.11.   Carriage of explosives in vehicle between sunset and sunrise
   7.12.   Special provisions relating to Classification Codes 1.3G, 1.4G and 1.4S
   7.13.   Further requirements with respect to carriage of explosives in vehicle or boat
   7.14.   Special provisions in respect of areas to which Mines and Works Inspection Act 1920 applies
   7.15.   Receiving consignment of explosives
   7.16.   Explosives not to be carried with refuse
   7.17.   Fuel requirements of diesel engine used to carry explosives
   7.18.   Special provisions relating to carriage of explosives on railway or tramway
   7.19.   Keeper of Government magazine to be given prior notice of carriage of explosives
   7.20.   Removal of explosives from Government magazine
   7.21.   Loading, unloading, removal etc of explosives
   7.22.   Reporting of theft, loss or unauthorised interference with explosives from vehicle, boat or ship
   7.23.   Penalty provision

   PART 8--Explosives in ships and boats

   8.01.   Interpretation
   8.02.   Application of Part
   8.03.   Ship or boat carrying explosives not to be in prohibited area
   8.04.   Permit for ship or boat carrying explosives within a port
   8.05.   Loading and unloading of explosives
   8.06.   Competent person to be in charge of boat carrying explosives
   8.07.   Certain persons to be available in emergency
   8.08.   Further provisions applicable to landing, shipping and transhipment of explosives
   8.09.   Carriage of explosives on ship with other substances
   8.10.   Working on ship or boat near explosives
   8.11.   Prohibition on use of instruments on ship or boat carrying explosives
   8.12.   No handling of fuel during handling of explosives
   8.13.   Mechanical plant for handling explosives to be tested
   8.14.   Nocturnal handling of explosives in prohibited area
   8.15.   Requirements of ship carrying explosives in port
   8.16.   Safety of passengers governed by Harbors and Navigation Act 1993
   8.17.   Orders of Harbormaster to be complied with
   8.18.   Practicable precautions to be taken in handling explosives
   8.20.   Penalty provision

   PART 9--Storage of explosives otherwise than in licensed premises or magazines

   9.01.   Interpretation
   9.02.   Storage of explosives
   9.03.   Theft or loss etc of explosives to be reported
   9.04.   Penalty provision

   PART 10--Licensing of premises for storage and storage in those premises

   10.001. Application of Part
   10.01.  Interpretation
   10.02.  Application for licence to store explosives on premises
   10.03.  Occupier of premises to make licence application
   10.04.  Determination of licence application
   10.05.  Form of licence
   10.06.  Provisions applying to licence
   10.07.  False or misleading statement
   10.08.  Explosives to be kept in store or receptacle
   10.09.  Limits on amounts of explosives kept
   10.10.  Division I premises
   10.11.  Division II premises
   10.12.  Requirements for stores or receptacles used to store explosives
   10.13.  Fire etc prohibited near store for explosives
   10.14.  Movement of explosives prohibited by intoxicated persons
   10.15.  Removal of explosives from store for opening
   10.16.  Tools used for opening package of explosives
   10.17.  Removal of explosives before repair of store
   10.18.  Condition of packaging
   10.19.  Security of store or receptacle
   10.20.  Action by inspectors
   10.21.  Provisions relating to keeping of different explosive compatibility groups
   10.22.  Information to be affixed to stores, receptacles and buildings containing explosives
   10.23.  Precautions to be taken in respect of explosives
   10.24.  Reporting of theft or loss of explosives etc
   10.25.  Revocation of licence
   10.26.  Issue of licence by council

   PART 11--Licensing of magazines and storage therein

   11.001. Application of Part
   11.01.  Interpretation
   11.02.  Application for magazine licence
   11.03.  Form of application
   11.04.  Terms and conditions of licence etc
   11.05.  Distances between magazine and protected works
   11.06.  Portable magazine licence
   11.07.  Determination of minimum distances
   11.08.  False or misleading statements
   11.09.  Structural requirements of magazine
   11.10.  Information to be affixed to licensed magazine
   11.11.  Licensed magazine to have lightning conductor
   11.12.  Licensed magazine to be maintained etc
   11.13.  Licensed magazine to be kept clean
   11.14.  Removal of explosives before repair of magazine or annexe
   11.15.  Use of licensed magazine
   11.16.  Removal of explosives from magazine for opening
   11.17.  Tools used for opening package of explosives
   11.18.  Prohibition on smoking
   11.19.  No fire, matches etc in or near magazine or annexe
   11.20.  Intoxicated persons prohibited in magazine or annexe etc
   11.21.  Damaged or defective packaging
   11.22.  Labelling requirements of explosives kept in magazine
   11.23.  Requirements of keeping explosives and detonators etc
   11.24.  Supervision of persons under 16 years
   11.25.  Precautions to be taken by employees
   11.26.  Reporting of theft or loss etc of explosive in magazine
   11.27.  Issue of licence by council

   PART 12--Management of government magazines

   12.01.  General rules
   12.02.  /a> Special rules
   12.03.  /a> Penalty provision

   PART 13--Importation of explosives

   13.001. Application of Part
   13.01.  Interpretation
   13.02.  Importing explosives into South Australia
   13.03.  Inspection, examination and analysis of explosives entering South Australia
   13.04.  Imported explosives to be classified
   13.05.  Application for licence to import explosives
   13.06.  Refusal or grant of licence
   13.07.  Detonators etc to be marked
   13.08.  Form of licence
   13.09.  Terms and conditions of licence
   13.10.  False or misleading statements
   13.11.  Explosives to be packaged and labelled
   13.12.  Penalty provision

   PART 14--Sale of explosives other than fireworks

   14.001. Application of Part
   14.01.  Permit for sale and custody etc of explosives
   14.02.  Issue of permit
   14.03.  Application for permit
   14.04.  Terms of permit to be complied with
   14.05.  Period of permit
   14.06.  Permit holder to be fit and proper person
   14.07.  Form of permit
   14.08.  Quantity of explosives not to exceed licensed storage available
   14.09.  Records to be kept
   14.09A. Terms of model rocket engine permits issued to incorporated associations
   14.09B. Terms of model rocket engine permits for specified educational programs
   14.10.  Application of this Part
   14.11.  Exposure and display of explosives for sale
   14.11A. Sale of safety ammunition etc to persons under 15 years
   14.12.  Packaging and labelling of explosives for sale
   14.35.  Penalty provision

   PART 14A--Mining--blasters' licences

           Division 1--Preliminary

   14A.01. Interpretation

           Division 2--Blasters' licences

   14A.02. Requirement to hold licence to conduct blasting operation
   14A.03. Grant or renewal of licence
   14A.04. Duration and conditions of blaster's licence
   14A.05. Acquisition of explosives under licence
   14A.06. Cancellation or suspension of licence
   14A.07. Return of licence
   14A.08. Retention of licence while explosives remain in possession
   14A.09. Transitional provision

           Division 3--Mining

   14A.10. Application of Division
   14A.11. Responsibilities of shotfirer and employer or contractor
   14A.12. Attendance of shotfirer at blasting operation and supervision of others
   14A.13. Hazard identification and risk control etc
   14A.14. Storage of blasting explosives
   14A.15. Action in event of thunderstorm or dust storm
   14A.16. No other work in vicinity of blasting explosives
   14A.17. Ensuring explosives are not damaged or defective
   14A.18. Reduction of ground vibration and airblast
   14A.19. Use of explosives in darkness
   14A.20. Capping of fuses and preparation of primer cartridges
   14A.21. Charging of shotholes
   14A.22. Safety fuse firing
   14A.23. Electrical firing
   14A.24. Blasting in hot material
   14A.25. Exclusion of people from area
   14A.26. Butts and misfires
   14A.27. Disposal of blasting explosives

           Division 4--Opal mining

   14A.28. Application of Division
   14A.29. Responsibilities of holder of blaster's licence
   14A.30. Responsibility of other persons involved in blasting operations

   PART 15--Miscellaneous

   15.01.  Payment rates for attendance of inspector or magazine employee
   15.02.  Liability for charges for holding of explosives while ship in port
   15.03.  Expenses payable for attendance of Inspector or Magazine Keeper
   15.05.  Fees and charges for examination of explosives
   15.06.  Fees and expenses payable in relation to destruction or disposal of explosives
   15.07.  Explosives not to be abandoned
   15.07A. Prohibited model rocket engines and distress signals
   15.07B. Disposal of out of date distress signals
   15.07C. Production of licence, permit or other authorisation
   15.08.  Inspection etc of explosives stored in Government magazine
   15.10.  Prohibition of unclassified explosives unless authorised by Chief Inspector
   15.11.  Loading and unloading from Government lighter
   15.12.  Storage and carriage of explosives by certain persons without complying with regulations
   15.13.  /a> Penalty provision
   15.14.  Fees
           SCHEDULE AA--Duties and responsibilities
           SCHEDULE A--Notice of intention to import explosives
           SCHEDULE B--Application for licence to import explosives
           SCHEDULE C--Licence to import explosives
           SCHEDULE D--Application for permit to purchase explosives
           SCHEDULE E--Permit to purchase explosives
           SCHEDULE H--Application for licence for factory to manufacture explosives
           SCHEDULE I--Factory licence to manufacture explosives
           SCHEDULE J--Application for licence to mix and use ammonium nitrate mixture
           SCHEDULE K--Licence to mix and use ammonium nitrate mixture
           SCHEDULE L--Table showing quantity of explosive equivalent to 1 000 detonators
           SCHEDULE M--Application for licence to carry explosives
           SCHEDULE N--Licence to carry explosives
           SCHEDULE O--Permission for ship to enter prohibited area
           SCHEDULE P--Application for licence for keeping explosives on premises
           SCHEDULE Q--Licence for keeping explosives on premises
           SCHEDULE R--Application for licence for keeping explosives in magazine
           SCHEDULE R1--Details of magazine
           SCHEDULE S--Licence for keeping explosives in magazine
           SCHEDULE T--Tables of safety distance for magazines
           SCHEDULE U--Box for carriage of explosives
           Legislative history

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