South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Explosives Act 1936


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Non-application of regulations to inspectors

   PART 2--Prohibitions

   5.      Prohibited fireworks
   6.      Unlawful sale, supply or possession of fireworks
   7.      Unlawful sale, supply or possession of certain imported items
   8.      Prepared fireworks not to be transported on public roads

   PART 3--Use of fireworks

           Division 1--Pyrotechnician's licence

   9.      Requirement to hold pyrotechnician's licence
   10.     Criteria for grant of pyrotechnician's licence
   11.     Term and renewal of pyrotechnician's licence
   12.     Guidelines on appropriate practical experience and training or instruction
   13.     Notification of fireworks displays and special effects displays
   14.     Public liability insurance
   15.     Log book to be kept by licensed pyrotechnician
   16.     Log book to accompany application for pyrotechnician's licence
   17.     Compliance with requirements of Schedules 1 and 2

           Division 2--Pyrotechnic displays business licence

   18.     Requirement to hold pyrotechnic displays business licence
   19.     Criteria for grant of pyrotechnic displays business licence
   20.     Term and renewal of pyrotechnic displays business licence
   21.     Requirement to ensure displays conducted in compliance with regulations

           Division 3--Exempt display permit

   22.     Exempt display permit

   PART 4--Sale of fireworks

   23.     Requirement to hold pyrotechnic sales business licence
   24.     Criteria for grant of pyrotechnic sales business licence
   25.     Term and renewal of pyrotechnic sales business licence
   26.     General conditions of pyrotechnician sales business licence
   27.     Requirements for premises
   28.     Packaging of fireworks
   29.     Records

   PART 5--Provisions of general application to licences

   30.     Conditions of licence
   31.     Offence to breach conditions of licence
   32.     Cancellation or suspension of licence
   33.     Right of appeal

   PART 6--Miscellaneous

   34.     Applications
   35.     Licence to include photograph
   37.     Production of licences, permits and records
   38.     False or misleading statements
   39.     Police report
           SCHEDULE 1--General requirements for use of fireworks
           SCHEDULE 2--General requirements for conduct of fireworks displays
           SCHEDULE 4--Revocation and transitional provisions
           Legislative history

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