South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Superannuation Act 1988


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 2--Election of members of Board

   4.      Interpretation
   5.      Election of members
   6.      Timetable for elections
   7.      Persons eligible to vote
   8.      Nominations
   9.      Election without ballot
   10.     Ballot papers
   11.     Electoral material to be provided with ballot papers
   12.     Voting
   13.     Duplication and late return of ballot papers
   14.     Counting of votes
   15.     Scrutineers
   16.     Declaration of election

   PART 3--Commutation of pensions

           Division 1--Preliminary

   17.     Interpretation

           Division 2--Commutation of pensions

   18.     Right to apply for commutation
   19.     Commutation factors

           Division 3--General

   20.     Commutation under section 40B of Act
   21.     Restriction on commutation
   22.     Adjustment of commutation factors
   23.     Rounding off lump sums

   PART 4--Transition to retirement

   24.     Adjustments under section 26A of Act
   25.     Modification of section 26A(5) of Act
   26.     Adjustments under section 33A of Act
   27.     Application for benefit in respect of rollover account
   28.     Certain provisions do not apply

   PART 5--Salary

           Division 1--Non TEC salary

   29.     Interpretation
   30.     Exclusion of certain remuneration from salary
   31.     Inclusion of certain allowances as component of salary
   32.     Exclusion of non-monetary remuneration

           Division 2--TEC salary

   33.     Proportion of remuneration package that is salary

           Division 3--Related provisions

   34.     Interpretation
   35.     Salary in relation to fixed term appointments
   36.     Special provision relating to certain TEC contracts without tenure
   37.     Special provision relating to certain transferred contributors
   38.     Determination of salary for contributor transferred to entity outside of Public Service
   39.     Determination of salary for contributor returning to Public Service after employment with relevant entity
   40.     Determination of salary if contributor employed by more than 1 employer
   41.     Election to reduce salary

   PART 6--Non-member spouse entitlements

   42.     Procedure for payment of lump sum
   43.     Procedure for payment of pension
   44.     Associate pension

   PART 7--General

   45.     Prescribed authorities etc
   46.     Fund's share of administration costs
   47.     Removal or variation of conditions on benefits
   48.     Classification of contributors as old scheme contributors
   49.     Contributions by employee on leave without pay
   50.     Notice to the Board on retrenchment
   51.     Notice to the Board on invalidity
   52.     Minimum pension payable to eligible children
   53.     Payment in case of pensioner who is incompetent
   54.     Employment of medical practitioner
   55.     Notification to Board on change in working hours
           SCHEDULE 1--Factors for determination of associate pension
           Legislative history

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