South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Southern State Superannuation Act 2009


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Police members
   5.      Spouse members
   6.      Employment matters
   7.      Employer contribution percentage

   PART 2--Membership, accounts and contributions

           Division 1--Members

              Subdivision 1--Membership

   8.      Purpose of Subdivision
   9.      Membership
   10.     Election by contributor to State Scheme
   11.     Contributors to State Scheme
   12.     Salary sacrifice by members of certain schemes
   13.     Salary sacrifice by members of Police Superannuation Scheme
   13A.    Members of Parliamentary Superannuation scheme
   13B.    Members of Super SA Select
   14.     Duration of membership
   15.     Members to whom section 21 does not apply

              Subdivision 2--Accounts

   16.     Contribution, co-contribution and rollover accounts

              Subdivision 3--Contributions

   17.     Contributions (section 20 of Act)
   18.     Prescribed rate of contributions (section 20 of Act)
   19.     Other contributions (section 20 of Act)

           Division 2--Spouse members

   20.     Purpose of Division
   21.     Interpretation
   22.     Spouse contributions splitting (section 20 of Act)
   23.     Other contributions for spouse members (section 20 of Act)
   24.     Spouse members and spouse accounts (section 19 of Act)
   25.     Amalgamation of accounts

   PART 2A--Portability and fund selection

           Division 1--General

   25A.    Definitions (section 21A of Act)
   25B.    Transfer of funds (section 21B of Act)
   25C.    Exclusion from operation of section 21C of Act
   25D.    Employer obligations (section 21E of Act)
   25E.    Matters affecting eligibility of funds (section 21F of Act)
   25F.    Commencement of membership if direction given under section 21G of Act
   25G.    Fund selection takes effect when first contribution made

           Division 2--Insurance and income protection

   25H.    Operation of insurance and income protection provisions
   25I.    Effect of fund selection on entitlement to insurance and income protection

   PART 3--Insurance and investment

           Division 1--Preliminary

   26.     Purpose of Part
   27.     Interpretation

           Division 2--Members

              Subdivision 1--Default invalidity/death insurance

   28.     Default invalidity/death insurance

              Subdivision 2--Additional invalidity/death insurance

   29.     Interpretation
   30.     Application for additional invalidity/death insurance
   31.     Additional invalidity/death insurance for prescribed members

              Subdivision 3--Amount of insurance benefits and premiums

   34.     Amount of invalidity/death insurance benefits and amount of premiums
   35.     Voluntary reduction or cessation of invalidity/death insurance
   35A.    Application for insurance following decrease or cessation of insurance

              Subdivision 4--Income protection

   36.     Disability pension
   36AA.   Application for disability pension
   36AAB.  Amount of pension
   36AAC.  Matters affecting entitlement to pension
   36AAD.  Duration of disability pension
   36AAE.  Miscellaneous
   36A.    Notional salary
   36B.    Maximum level of income protection
   37.     Exemption from ambit of regulation 36
           37A. Applications for income protection
   38.     Persons not entitled to disability pension

              Subdivision 4A--Special disability pension for police officers

   38A.    Police disability pension
   38B.    Members of Police Superannuation Scheme
   38C.    Administrative charges and reimbursement of Fund

              Subdivision 5--Payment of premiums

   39.     Payment of premiums by members

           Division 3--Spouse members--death insurance

   40.     Application for death insurance
   41.     Variation of death insurance
   42.     Amount of death insurance benefits and amount of premiums
   43.     Payment of premiums by spouse members

           Division 4--Post retirement investment and invalidity/death insurance

              Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   44.     Interpretation

              Subdivision 2--Post retirement investment

   45.     Post retirement investment

              Subdivision 3--Post retirement insurance

   46.     Post retirement invalidity and death insurance
   47.     Terms and conditions

           Division 5--General

   49.     Application for insurance
   50.     Application to decrease level of insurance
   51.     Financial statements

   PART 4--Superannuation benefits

           Division 1--Members

              Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   52.     Interpretation

              Subdivision 2--Members (other than PSS 3 members)

   52A.    Application of Subdivision
   53A.    Early access to superannuation benefits in case of severe financial hardship or on compassionate grounds
   54.     Retirement
   55.     Resignation
   56.     Benefits payable to overseas residents
   56A.    Rollover of certain components
   57.     Retrenchment
   58.     Invalidity or terminal illness
   59.     Death of member
   59A.    Special benefit for members aged 65 or over
   60.     Commutation to pay deferred superannuation contributions surcharge
   61.     Commutation to pay deferred superannuation contributions surcharge following death
   62.     Withheld amount
   62AA.   Payment of Division 293 tax
   62AAB.  Excess non-concessional contributions

              Subdivision 3--PSS 3 members

   62A.    Interpretation
   62B.    Retirement of PSS 3 member at or above age 55
   62C.    Cessation of membership of PSS 3 member before age 55
   62D.    Preservation of components
   62E.    Invalidity
   62F.    Death of PSS 3 member

           Division 2--Spouse members

   63.     Benefits for spouse members
   63A.    Early access to superannuation benefits in case of severe financial hardship or on compassionate grounds

   PART 5--Family Law Act provisions

   64.     Purpose of this Part
   65.     Interpretation
   66.     Non-member spouse entitlement
   67.     Payment of lump sum
   68.     Effect on member's entitlement
   69.     Lump sum not payable to spouse on death of member if split has occurred
   70.     Board to comply with Commonwealth requirements
   71.     Provision of information
   72.     Payment from contribution account in name of non-member spouse
   73.     Fees

   PART 6--Miscellaneous

   73A.    Medical information for invalidity and terminal illness benefits
   74.     Division of benefit where deceased member or spouse member is survived by lawful and putative spouse
   75.     Payment in case of death
   76.     Liabilities may be set off against benefits
   77.     Annuities
   78.     Information to be given to certain members
   79.     Inactive low balance and lost member accounts
           SCHEDULE 1--Invalidity/death insurance benefits
           SCHEDULE 2--Death insurance benefits
           SCHEDULE 3--Transitional provisions
           Legislative history

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