South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Strata Titles Act 1988


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 2--Division of land by strata plan

           Division 1--The strata plan

   4.      Plans and maps to conform with guidelines
   5.      Unit entitlement

           Division 2--Amendment of deposited strata plan

   6.      Application for amendment

           Division 3--Amendment by order of ERD Court

   7.      Application to ERD Court to amend or cancel strata plan

           Division 4--Supplementary

   8.      Procedure where whereabouts of certain persons is unknown

   PART 3--The strata corporation

           Division 1--Constitution of strata corporation

   9.      Articles of strata corporation
   10.     Functions of secretary and treasurer of strata corporation

           Division 2--General functions, powers and duties

   11.     Power to raise money

           Division 3--Delegations by strata corporation

   12.     Body corporate managers
   13.     Offences

           Division 4--Duty to insure

   14.     Other insurance by strata corporation

           Division 5--General meetings

   15.     Holding of general meetings
   16.     Statement of expenditure etc

           Division 6--Agents' trust accounts

              Subdivision 1--Withdrawal of money from trust account and authorised trust accounts

   17.     Withdrawal of money from trust account
   18.     Authorised trust accounts

              Subdivision 2--Keeping of records

   19.     Application of Subdivision
   20.     Electronic records
   21.     Cash books
   22.     Trust ledger accounts and transfer journals
   23.     Reconciliation statements
   24.     Payments of trust money
   25.     Receipts

              Subdivision 3--Audit of trust accounts

   26.     Audit of trust accounts
   27.     Agent's statement
   28.     Certain persons may not audit accounts and records of agents

           Division 7--Supplementary

   29.     Register of unit holders
   30.     Record keeping
   31.     Information to be furnished
           SCHEDULE 1--Forms
           SCHEDULE 2--Revocation of Strata Titles Regulations 2003
           Legislative history

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