South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Wilderness Protection Act 1992


   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Application of regulations
   5.       Qualifications of wardens
   6.      Entry to wilderness protection areas and zones
   7.      Opening and closing of wilderness protection areas and zones
   8.      Setting aside wilderness protection area or wilderness protection zone or part of area or zone for particular use
   9.      Use of vehicles
   10.     Use of aircraft
   11.     Use of vessels
   12.     Camping
   13.     Fires
   14.     Possession and use of chainsaws
   15.     Use of generators and alternators
   16.     Use of metal or mineral detectors
   17.     Possession and use of firearms etc
   18.     Swimming and diving
   19.     Use of caves
   20.     Regulation of certain recreational activities
   21.     Protection of animals
   22.     Possession and use of devices for taking animals
   23.     Seizure of animals etc
   24.     Plants
   25.     Interference with earth etc
   26.     Fossil and geomorphological sites
   27.     Littering
   28.     Pollution of waters
   29.     Abandoned property
   30.     Disorderly behaviour etc
   31.     Other activities subject to relevant authority's permission
   32.     Compliance with notices and signs
   33.     Compliance with directions of warden
   34.     Permission of relevant authority
   35.     General defence
           SCHEDULE 1--Revocation of Wilderness Protection Regulations 2006
           Legislative history

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