South Australian Numbered Acts

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12—Council's procedures

        (1)         Subject to this Act, 5 members constitute a quorum of the Council.

        (2)         A meeting of the Council will be chaired by the presiding member or, in his or her absence, the members present at a meeting of the Council must choose 1 of their number to preside at the meeting.

        (3)         A decision carried by a majority of the votes cast by members of the Council at a meeting is a decision of the Council.

        (4)         Each member present at a meeting of the Council has 1 vote on any question arising for decision and the member presiding at the meeting may exercise a casting vote if the votes are equal.

        (5)         A conference by telephone or other electronic means between the members of the Council will, for the purposes of this section, be taken to be a meeting of the Council at which the participating members are present if—

            (a)         notice of the conference is given to all members in the manner determined by the Council for the purpose; and

            (b)         each participating member is capable of communicating with every other participating member during the conference.

        (6)         A proposed resolution of the Council becomes a valid decision of the Council despite the fact that it is not voted on at a meeting of the Council if—

            (a)         notice of the proposed resolution is given to all members of the Council in accordance with procedures determined by the Council; and

            (b)         a majority of the members express concurrence in the proposed resolution by letter, telegram, telex, facsimile transmission, electronic mail or other written communication setting out the terms of the resolution.

        (7)         The Council must have accurate minutes kept of its meetings.

        (8)         Subject to this Act, the Council may determine its own procedures.

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