South Australian Numbered Acts

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9—Insertion of Part 4A

After section 23 insert:

Part 4A—Reporting

23A—Annual report

        (1)         The Administrator must on or before 31 October in each year make a report to the Attorney-General on the work of the Courts Administration Authority during the previous financial year.

        (2)         Without limiting the matters that may be included in an annual report, an annual report must contain—

            (a)         information setting out any significant achievements during the relevant financial year; and

            (b)         information detailing significant future initiatives that are being developed or will be implemented; and

            (c)         information detailing any developments in human resource management within the Courts Administration Authority; and

            (d)         information detailing any significant occupational health, safety and welfare issues arising during the relevant financial year; and

            (e)         information relating to workers' compensation and rehabilitation (if any) occurring during the relevant financial year; and

            (f)         information setting out the training and development initiatives provided or offered to staff employed by the Courts Administration Authority during the relevant financial year; and

            (g)         any recommendations the Courts Administration Authority, the Council or the Administrator wishes to make relating to changes to the law and procedures of the participating courts that may be necessary or desirable to improve the administration of justice in participating courts.

        (3)         An annual report must include—

            (a)         a report from—

                  (i)         the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; and

                  (ii)         the Chief Judge of the District Court; and

                  (iii)         the Chief Magistrate of the Magistrates Court; and

                  (iv)         the Judge of the Youth Court,

on the operations of their respective Courts; and

            (b)         a report from the Sheriff on the operations of the Sheriff and security officers (within the meaning of the Sheriff's Act 1978


during the previous financial year.

        (4)         The Attorney-General must within 12 sitting days after receiving a report under this section cause copies of the report to be laid before both Houses of Parliament.

Schedule 1—Transitional provision

1—Annual report

Section 23A of the Courts Administration Act 1993

(as enacted by this Act) will be taken to apply in relation to the whole of the financial year in which section 9

of this Act comes into operation (and, to avoid doubt, the information required by section 23A(2) must be included in that annual report, whether or not a portion of that year elapsed before that commencement).

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