South Australian Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Amendment provisions

   PART 2--Amendment of Controlled Substances Act 1984

   4.      Amendment of section 4--Interpretation
   5.      Amendment of section 6--The Controlled Substances Advisory Council
   6.      Amendment of section 10--Conduct of business
   7.      Amendment of section 12--Declaration of poisons, prescription drugs, drugs of dependence, controlled drugs etc
   8.      Amendment of section 13--Manufacture and packing
   9.      Amendment of section 18--Sale, supply, administration and possession of prescription drugs
   10.     Insertion of section 18A
   11.     Amendment of section 20--Prohibition of automatic vending machines
   12.     Amendment of section 21--Sale, supply, possession or administration of other potentially harmful substances or devices
   13.     Substitution of heading to Part 5
   14.     Substitution of Part 5 Division 1 and heading to Part 5 Division 2

           Division 1--Preliminary

           Division 2--Commercial offences

              Subdivision 1--Trafficking in controlled drugs

              Subdivision 2--Manufacture of controlled drugs

              Subdivision 3--Cultivation and sale of controlled plants

              Subdivision 4--Sale of equipment for use in connection with consumption of controlled drugs

           Division 3--Offences involving children and school zones

           Division 4--Other offences

           Division 5--General provisions relating to offences

           Division 6--Procedure in relation to simple possession offences

   15.     Repeal of sections 41 and 42
   16.     Amendment of section 44--Matters to be considered when court fixes penalty
   17.     Amendment of section 45A--Expiation of simple cannabis offences
   18.     Amendment of section 52--Power to search, seize etc
   19.     Amendment of section 52A--Seized property and forfeiture
   20.     Amendment of section 53--Analysis
   21.     Amendment of section 55--Licences, authorities and permits
   22.     Amendment of section 56--Permits
   23.     Amendment of section 57--Power of Minister to prohibit certain activities
   24.     Insertion of section 57A
   25.     Amendment of section 58--Publication of information
   26.     Repeal of section 59
   27.     Amendment of section 60--Minister may require certain information to be given
   28.     Insertion of sections 60A and 60B
   29.     Amendment of section 61--Evidentiary provisions
   30.     Amendment of section 63--Regulations
           SCHEDULE 1--Related amendments and transitional provisions

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