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HEALTH CARE ACT 2008 (NO 3 OF 2008) - SECT 18


        (1)         The functions of a HAC may include 1 or more of the following:

            (a)         to act as an advocate to promote the interests of the community, or a section of the community;

            (b)         to provide advice about any relevant aspect of the provision of health services from the perspective of consumers of those services, any carers or volunteers or the community more generally;

            (c)         to provide advice about relevant health issues, goals, priorities, plans, and other strategic initiatives;

            (d)         to provide advice or assistance in undertaking the development or implementation of systems or mechanisms designed to support the delivery of health services or programs;

            (e)         to provide information to, and to consult broadly with, the consumers of any relevant services, any relevant carers or volunteers, and the community more generally;

            (f)         to encourage community participation in programs associated with supporting the provision of health services, and to promote the importance of carers and volunteers in assisting in achieving successful outcomes;

            (g)         to consult with other bodies that are interested in the provision of health services within the community;

            (h)         to provide advice to the Minister about any matter referred to it by the Minister or the Chief Executive;

                  (i)         to participate in the consultation or assessment processes associated with the selection of senior staff of a relevant entity;

            (j)         in the case of a HAC that is incorporated—

                  (i)         to act as a trustee or to assume other fiduciary functions or duties;

                  (ii)         to participate in budget discussions and financial management or development processes;

                  (iii)         to undertake fund-raising activities;

            (k)         in the case of a HAC that is not incorporated—

                  (i)         to provide advice in relation to the management of resources available for relevant health services;

                  (ii)         to provide assistance with fund-raising activities in accordance with its rules;

            (l)         such other functions—

                  (i)         assigned to the HAC under this or any other Act; or

                  (ii)         assigned to the HAC by the Minister; or

                  (iii)         adopted by the HAC with the approval of the Minister.

        (2)         Subject to this Act, a HAC must, in the performance of its functions, take into account the strategic objectives (including any health care plan or plans) that have been set or adopted within the Government's health portfolios.

        (3)         A HAC that is incorporated under this Act must, with respect to an entity in relation to which it is established—

            (a)         support and foster the activities and objects of the entity; and

            (b)         subject to this Act, hold its assets for the benefit, purposes and use of the entity on terms or conditions determined or approved by the Minister.

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