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HEALTH CARE ACT 2008 (NO 3 OF 2008) - SECT 33

33—Management arrangements

        (1)         The Chief Executive is responsible for the administration of an incorporated hospital.

        (2)         The Chief Executive may, by instrument in writing, appoint—

            (a)         a specified person; or

            (b)         a person occupying a specified office or position,

as the chief executive officer of an incorporated hospital.

        (3)         An appointment under subsection (2) is revocable at will and does not prevent the Chief Executive from acting personally in a matter.

        (4)         In addition, a person acting under subsection (2) is subject to the control and direction of the Chief Executive (although the Chief Executive cannot give a direction concerning the clinical treatment of a particular person).

        (5)         An act done or decision made by the Chief Executive, or a person acting under subsection (2), in the administration or management of an incorporated hospital (including by exercising a power of the incorporated hospital under this or any other Act) is an act or decision of the incorporated hospital.

        (6)         This section operates subject to Schedule 3.

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