South Australian Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Medical fitness to provide nursing or midwifery care

   PART 2--Nursing and Midwifery Board of South Australia

           Division 1--Continuation of Board

   5.      Continuation of Board

           Division 2--Board's membership

   6.      Composition of Board
   7.      Elections and casual vacancies
   8.      Terms and conditions of membership
   9.      Presiding member and deputy
   10.     Vacancies or defects in appointment of members
   11.     Remuneration

           Division 3--Registrar and staff of Board

   12.     Registrar of Board
   13.     Other staff of Board

           Division 4--General functions and powers

   14.     Functions of Board
   15.     Committees
   16.     Delegation by Board

           Division 5--Board's procedures

   17.     Board's procedures
   18.     Conflict of interest etc under Public Sector Management Act
   19.     Powers of Board in relation to witnesses etc
   20.     Principles governing proceedings
   21.     Representation at proceedings before Board
   22.     Costs

           Division 6--Accounts, audit and annual report

   23.     Accounts and audit
   24.     Annual report

   PART 3--Registration, enrolment and practice

           Division 1--Registers and nurses roll

   25.     Registers and nurses roll

           Division 2--Registration, endorsement of registration and enrolment

              Subdivision 1--Registration and enrolment

   26.     Registration on nurses register
   27.     Enrolment on nurses roll
   28.     Registration on midwives register
   29.     Registration on students register
   30.     Concurrent registration and enrolment
   31.     Application for registration or enrolment and provisional registration or enrolment
   32.     Removal from register or nurses roll
   33.     Reinstatement on register or nurses roll
   34.     Fees and returns
   35.     Imposition of conditions if nurse or midwife has not practised for 5 years

              Subdivision 2--Endorsements of registration

   36.     Endorsement
   37.     Application for endorsement
   38.     Removal of endorsement

           Division 3--Special provisions relating to services providers

   39.     Information to be given to Board by services providers
   40.     Records to be kept by services providers
   41.     Services providers to be indemnified against loss

           Division 4--Offences

   42.     Illegal holding out as being registered
   43.     Illegal holding out as being enrolled
   44.     Illegal holding out concerning limited registration or enrolment, conditions or authorisation
   45.     Illegal holding out as having endorsed registration
   46.     Use of certain terms or descriptions prohibited
   47.     Improper directions to registered or enrolled persons
   48.     Offence to contravene conditions of registration or enrolment
   49.     Procurement of registration or enrolment by fraud
   50.     Nurse or midwife to produce certificate of registration or enrolment
   51.     Report to Board of cessation of status as student

   PART 4--Investigations and proceedings

           Division 1--Preliminary

   52.     Interpretation
   53.     Cause for disciplinary action

           Division 2--Inspectors

   54.     Authorisation of inspectors
   55.     Guidelines
   56.     Review of guidelines
   57.     Powers of inspectors
   58.     Offence to hinder etc inspector

           Division 3--Proceedings before Board

   59.     Obligation to report medical unfitness or unprofessional conduct of registered or enrolled persons
   60.     Medical fitness of registered or enrolled persons
   61.     Inquiries by Board as to matters constituting grounds for disciplinary action
   62.     Contravention of prohibition order
   63.     Register of prohibition orders
   64.     Variation or revocation of conditions imposed by Board
   65.     Constitution of Board for purpose of proceedings
   66.     Provisions as to proceedings before Board

   PART 5--Appeals

   67.     Right of appeal to District Court
   68.     Operation of order may be suspended
   69.     Variation or revocation of conditions imposed by Court

   PART 6--Miscellaneous

   70.     Exemptions
   71.     Statutory declarations
   72.     False or misleading statement
   73.     Registered or enrolled person must report medical unfitness to Board
   74.     Information relating to claim against registered or enrolled person or services provider to be provided
   75.     Victimisation
   76.     Self-incrimination
   77.     Punishment of conduct that constitutes an offence
   78.     Vicarious liability for offences
   79.     Application of fines
   80.     Board may require medical examination or report
   81.     Ministerial review of decisions relating to courses
   82.     Confidentiality
   83.     Service
   84.     Evidentiary provision
   85.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 1--Repeal and transitional provisions

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