South Australian Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Amendment provisions

   PART 2--Amendment of National Electricity (South Australia) Act 1996

   4.      Amendment of section 12--Specific regulation-making power
   5.      Amendment of section 14--Freedom of information
   6.      Insertion of Part 7

   PART 7--AEMO's additional advisory functions

   PART 3--Amendment of National Electricity Law

   7.      Amendment of section 2--Definitions
   8.      Amendment of section 11--Electricity market activities in this jurisdiction
   9.      Amendment of section 12--Registration or exemption of persons participating in national electricity market
   10.     Substitution of section 14
   11.     Amendment of section 15--Functions and powers of AER
   12.     Amendment of section 16--Manner in which AER performs AER economic regulatory functions or powers
   13.     Amendment of section 28M--Further provision about manner in which information must be provided to AER or kept
   14.     Insertion of section 28ZAB
   15.     Amendment of section 28ZB--Disclosure of confidential information authorised if detriment does not outweigh public benefit
   16.     Amendment of section 34--Rule making powers
   17.     Substitution of Part 5

   PART 5--Role of AEMO under National Electricity Law

           Division 1--General

           Division 2--AEMO's adoptive jurisdiction functions

              Subdivision 1--Preliminary

              Subdivision 2--AEMO’s additional advisory functions

              Subdivision 3--AEMO’s declared network functions

           Division 3--Information etc to be provided to Ministers

           Division 4--Fees and charges

           Division 5--Information gathering

           Division 6--Protected information

              Subdivision 1--AEMO's obligation to protect information

              Subdivision 2--Disclosure of protected information held by AEMO

           Division 7--AEMO's statutory funds

   18.     Amendment of section 58--Definitions
   19.     Amendment of section 62--Additional Court orders
   20.     Amendment of section 69A--Commercial Arbitration Acts apply to proceedings before Dispute resolution panels
   21.     Amendment of section 70--Applications for judicial review
   22.     Amendment of section 71A--Definitions
   23.     Amendment of heading to Part 6, Division 3A, Subdivision 3
   24.     Amendment of section 71S--Application for review
   25.     Amendment of section 71U--Determination in the review
   26.     Amendment of section 71V--Tribunal must be taken to have affirmed decision if decision not made within time
   27.     Substitution of 71W
   28.     Amendment of section 72--Obligations under Rules to make payments
   29.     Amendment of section 87--Definitions
   30.     Insertion of section 90B
   31.     Amendment of section 91--Initiation of making of a Rule
   32.      Amendment of section 94--Initial consideration of request for Rule
   33.      Amendment of section 100--Right to make written submissions and comments in relation to draft Rule determination
   34.     Amendment of section 101--Pre-final Rule determination hearings
   35.     Substitution of section 102A
   36.     Amendment of section 109--Definitions
   37.     Amendment of section 110--Appointment of jurisdictional system security coordinator
   38.     Amendment of section 111--Jurisdictional system security coordinator to prepare jurisdictional load shedding guidelines
   39.     Amendment of section 112--NEMMCO to develop load shedding procedures for each participating jurisdiction
   40.     Substitution of section 113
   41.     Amendment of section 114--AEMO to ensure maintenance of supply of sensitive loads
   42.     Amendment of section 115--Shedding and restoring of loads
   43.     Insertion of section 115A
   44.     Amendment of section 116--Actions that may be taken to ensure safety and security of national electricity system
   45.     Amendment of section 117--AEMO to liaise with Minister of this jurisdiction and others during an emergency
   46.     Amendment of section 118--Obstruction and non-compliance
   47.     Amendment of section 119--Immunity of AEMO and network service providers
   48.     Amendment of section 120--Immunity in relation to failure to supply electricity
   49.     Insertion of sections 120A and 120B
   50.     Amendment of section 158--Failure to make a decision under this Law or the Rules within time does not invalidate the decision
   51.     Amendment of Schedule 1--Subject matter for the National Electricity Rules
   52.     Amendment of Schedule 2--Miscellaneous provisions relating to interpretation
   53.     Amendment of Schedule 3--Savings and transitionals

   PART 10--Transitional provisions related to AEMO amendments

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