South Australian Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Amendment provisions

   PART 2--Amendment of National Gas Law

   4.      Amendment of section 2--Definitions
   5.      Insertion of section 8AA
   6.      Amendment of section 10--Things done by 1 service provider to be treated as being done by all of service provider group
   7.      Amendment of section 27--Functions and powers of the AER
   8.      Amendment of section 74--Subject matter for National Gas Rules
   9.      Insertion of sections 83B to 83D
   10.     Amendment of section 91A--AEMO’s statutory functions
   11.     Insertion of Chapter 2 Part 6 Divisions 2C to 2E Division 2C--Capacity auctions for transportation services
   91BRN.  Capacity auctions not to constitute a regulated gas market Division 2D--Capacity Transfer and Auction Procedures
   91BRQ.  Compliance with Capacity Transfer and Auction Procedures Division 2E--Registration in relation to transportation facility
   12.     Insertion of Chapter 2 Part 6 Division 6 Subdivisions 3 and 4 Subdivision 3--Capacity auction information
   91FEH.  Immunity of persons giving information to AEMO Subdivision 4--Information used for a capacity auction
   13.     Amendment of section 91GG--Disclosure of protected information for safety, proper operation of the market etc
   14.     Amendment of section 91H--Obligations under Rules or Procedures to make payments
   15.     Amendment of section 218--AEMO’s obligation to maintain Bulletin Board
   16.     Amendment of section 219--AEMO’s other functions as operator of Natural Gas Services Bulletin Board
   17.     Amendment of section 223--Obligation to give information to AEMO about natural gas and natural gas services
   18.     Insertion of section 223A
   19.     Amendment of section 224--Person cannot rely on duty of confidence to avoid compliance with obligation
   20.     Insertion of Chapter 7A Chapter 7A--Access to operational transportation services

   PART 1--Standard terms for operational transportation services

   PART 2--Operational Transportation Service Code

   PART 3--Other matters relating to access to operational transportation services

   21.     Insertion of section 294DA
   22.     Amendment of section 322--Service provider may enter into agreement for access different from applicable access arrangement
   23.     Amendment of Schedule 1--Subject matter for the National Gas Rules
   24.     Amendment of Schedule 3--Savings and transitionals

   PART 16--Transitional provisions relating to capacity trading and auctions and harmonisation amendments

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