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PLANT HEALTH ACT 2009 (NO 2 OF 2009)


           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Pests and plant related products
   5.      Quarantine stations

   PART 2--Protection of plant health

           Division 1--Reporting of pest affected plants and plant related products and noxious insects

   6.      Reporting of pest affected plants and plant related products and noxious insects

           Division 2--Control and prevention

   7.      Prohibition on introducing pest affected plants or plant related products
   8.      Quarantine areas
   9.      Orders relating to pest affected plants or plant related products
   10.     Action in emergency situations
   11.     Prohibition on sale of pest affected plants or plant related products

   PART 3--Packaging, identifying and transporting plants and plant related products

           Division 1--Packaging and labelling of fruits, vegetables and nuts

   12.     Packaging and labelling of fruit, vegetables and nuts for sale
   13.     Identification of plants sold for propagation

           Division 2--Manifests

   14.     Manifests

   PART 4--Accreditation and registration schemes

           Division 1--Accreditation of production areas

   15.     Accreditation of production areas

           Division 2--Accreditation of persons

   16.     Application for accreditation
   17.     Grant of accreditation
   18.     Authority conferred by accreditation
   19.     Assurance certificates and evidence of verification
   20.     Conditions of accreditation
   21.     Periodic fees and returns
   22.     Variation of accreditation
   23.     Surrender of accreditation
   24.     Suspension or cancellation of accreditation
   25.     Offences

           Division 3--Registration of importers

   26.     Application for registration
   27.     Grant of registration
   28.     Conditions of registration
   29.     Periodic fees and returns
   30.     Variation of registration
   31.     Surrender of registration
   32.     Suspension or cancellation of registration
   33.     Offence

           Division 4--Register

   34.     Register

           Division 5--Reviews and appeals

   35.     Review by Minister
   36.     Appeal to District Court

   PART 5--Enforcement

           Division 1--Approved auditors

   37.     Approved auditors
   38.     Duty of auditor to report certain matters
   39.     Offence to hinder or obstruct auditor

           Division 2--Inspectors

              Subdivision 1--Appointment and identification

   40.     Appointment of Chief Inspector and deputy
   41.     Appointment of inspectors
   42.     Identification of inspectors

              Subdivision 2--Powers

   43.     General powers
   44.     Power to investigate
   45.     Power to issue plant health certificates

              Subdivision 3--Miscellaneous

   46.     Immunity from liability
   47.     Warrant procedures
   48.     Offence to hinder etc inspectors

   PART 6--Miscellaneous

   49.     Delegation
   50.     Compensation
   51.     False or misleading statements
   52.     Self-incrimination
   53.     Service of notices and orders
   54.     Vicarious liability
   55.     Evidence
   56.     Commencement of prosecution of offences
   57.     Continuing offences
   58.     General defence
   59.     Incorporation of codes and standards
   60.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 1--Related amendments, repeal and transitional provisions

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