South Australian Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Relevant Acts prevail

   PART 2--South Australian Employment Tribunal Division 1--Establishment of Tribunal

   5.      Establishment of Tribunal
   6.      Jurisdiction of Tribunal
   7.      Tribunal to operate throughout State Division 2--Main objectives of Tribunal
   8.      Main objectives of Tribunal Division 3--Members of Tribunal Subdivision 1--The members
   9.      The members Subdivision 2--The President
   10.     Appointment of President
   11.     President's functions generally
   12.     Acting President Subdivision 3--The Deputy Presidents
   13.     Appointment of Deputy Presidents
   14.     Deputy President's functions generally Subdivision 4--Magistrates
   15.     Magistrates Subdivision 5--Conciliation officers
   16.     Appointment of conciliation officers
   17.     Conciliation officer ceasing to hold office and suspension
   18.     Supplementary conciliation officers Division 4--Constitution of Tribunal and its decision-making processes
   19.     Constitution of Tribunal
   20.     Who presides at proceedings of Tribunal
   21.     Decision if 2 or more members constitute Tribunal
   22.     Determination of questions of law Division 5--Related matters
   23.     Streams
   24.     Validity of acts of Tribunal
   25.     Disclosure of interest by members of Tribunal
   26.     Delegation

   PART 3--Exercise of jurisdiction

   27.     General nature of proceedings
   28.     Decision-maker must assist Tribunal
   29.     Effect of review proceedings on decision being reviewed
   30.     Decision on review
   31.     Tribunal may invite decision-maker to reconsider decision

   PART 4--Principles, powers and procedures Division 1--Principles governing hearings

   32.     Principles governing hearings Division 2--Evidentiary powers
   33.     Power to require person to give evidence or to produce evidentiary material
   34.     Entry and inspection of property
   35.     Expert reports Division 3--Procedures
   36.     Practice and procedure generally
   37.     Directions for conduct of proceedings
   38.     Consolidating and splitting proceedings
   39.     More appropriate forum
   40.     Dismissing proceedings on withdrawal or for want of prosecution
   41.     Frivolous, vexatious or improper proceedings
   42.     Proceedings being conducted to cause disadvantage Division 4--Conferences, mediation and settlement Subdivision 1--Conferences
   43.     Compulsory conciliation conferences
   44.     Referral of matters for hearing and determination
   45.     Pre-hearing conferences Subdivision 2--Mediation
   46.     Mediation Subdivision 3--Settling proceedings
   47.     Settling proceedings Division 5--Parties
   48.     Parties
   49.     Person may be joined as party
   50.     Intervening Division 6--Representation
   51.     Representation Division 7--Costs
   52.     Costs
   53.     Costs--related matters Division 8--Other procedural and related provisions
   54.     Sittings
   55.     Hearings in public
   56.     Preserving subject matter of proceedings
   57.     Security as to costs etc
   58.     Interlocutory orders
   59.     Conditional, alternative and ancillary orders and directions
   60.     Special referees
   61.     Relief from time limits
   62.     Electronic hearings and proceedings without hearings
   63.     Completion of part-heard matters
   64.     Other claims of privilege
   65.     Power to enlarge scope

   PART 5--Review and appeals Division 1--Review and appeals

   66.     Review of decision of conciliation officer or magistrate
   67.     Appeal on question of law--single Presidential members
   68.     Final appeal to Supreme Court Division 2--Related matters
   69.     Effect of appeal on decision
   70.     Reservation of questions of law

   PART 6--Staff Division 1--Registrars

   71.     Registrars
   72.     Functions of registrars
   73.     Delegation Division 2--Other staff of Tribunal
   74.     Other staff of Tribunal Division 3--Use of services or staff
   75.     Use of services or staff

   PART 7--Miscellaneous

   76.     Immunities
   77.     Protection from liability for torts
   78.     Protection for compliance with Act
   79.     Alternative orders and relief
   80.     Power to cure irregularities
   81.     Correcting mistakes
   82.     Tribunal may review its decision if person was absent
   83.     Tribunal may authorise person to take evidence
   84.     Miscellaneous provisions relating to legal process and service
   85.     Proof of decisions and orders of Tribunal
   86.     Enforcement of decisions and orders of Tribunal
   87.     Accessibility of evidence
   88.     Costs of proceedings
   89.     Annual report
   90.     Additional reports
   91.     Disrupting proceedings of Tribunal
   92.     Rules
   93.     Regulations

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