South Australian Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Amendment provisions

   PART 2--Amendment of Aquaculture Act 2001

   4.      Insertion of section 6A

   PART 3--Amendment of Bills of Sale Act 1886

   5.      Amendment of section 2--Interpretation
   6.      Amendment of section 10A--Assignment of future crops
   7.      Amendment of section 11--Covenants and powers implied in bills of sale
   8.      Amendment of section 11A--Standard terms and conditions in bills of sale
   9.      Amendment of section 12--Implication of certain words
   10.     Amendment of section 12A--Joint and several liability under bill of sale
   11.     Amendment of section 12B--Joint and several entitlement of grantees
   12.     Amendment of section 15--Bill of sale to be registered in General Registry Office
   13.     Amendment of section 19A--Renewal of registration of bills of sale
   14.     Amendment of section 21--Bill of sale may be extended, varied or corrected
   15.     Amendment of section 23--Registration of dealings with registered bills of sale
   16.     Amendment of section 38B--Minister may discharge bill of sale in certain circumstances
   17.     Insertion of Parts 7 and 8

   PART 7--Provisions relating to PPS Act

   PART 8--Repeal of Act

   PART 4--Amendment of Coast Protection Act 1972

   18.     Amendment of section 24--Temporary occupation

   PART 5--Amendment of Co-operatives Act 1997

   19.     Amendment of section 9--Exclusion of operation of Corporations Act
   20.     Amendment of section 46--Lodgment of documents not to constitute constructive knowledge
   21.     Amendment of section 239--Registers to be kept by co-operatives
   22.     Amendment of Schedule 3--Registration etc of charges

   PART 6--Amendment of Criminal Assets Confiscation Act 2005

   23.     Insertion of section 11A

   PART 7--Amendment of Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) Act 2007

   24.     Amendment of section 7--Extension of clamping period
   25.     Amendment of section 12--Court order for impounding or forfeiture on conviction of prescribed offence
   26.     Amendment of section 20--Disposal of vehicles
   27.     Amendment of section 21--Credit provider may apply to Magistrates Court for relief

   PART 8--Amendment of Electricity Act 1996

   28.     Insertion of section 30A

   PART 9--Amendment of Fisheries Management Act 2007

   29.     Insertion of section 5A

   PART 10--Amendment of Gas Act 1997

   30.     Insertion of section 32A

   PART 11--Amendment of Goods Securities Act 1986

   31.     Amendment of section 3--Interpretation
   32.     Amendment of section 4--The register
   33.     Amendment of section 5--Application for registration
   34.     Amendment of section 6--Change of particulars
   35.     Amendment of section 7--Cancellation of registration
   36.     Amendment of section 8A--Interstate arrangements and registration of security interests under corresponding law
   37.     Amendment of section 9--Certificate of registered security interests
   38.     Repeal of section 19
   39.     Insertion of Parts 6 and 7

   PART 6--Provisions relating to PPS Act

   PART 7--Expiry of Act

   PART 12--Amendment of Historic Shipwrecks Act 1981

   40.     Insertion of section 15A

   PART 13--Amendment of Legal Practitioners Act 1981

   41.     Amendment of section 21--Entitlement to practise

   PART 14--Amendment of Liens on Fruit Act 1923

   42.     Amendment of section 2--Interpretation
   43.     Amendment of section 3--Right of lienee to fruit crops
   44.     Repeal of section 9
   45.     Insertion of sections 11 to 16

   PART 15--Amendment of Marine Parks Act 2007

   46.     Amendment of section 19--Permits for activities

   PART 16--Amendment of Mercantile Law Act 1936

   47.     Amendment of section 4--Powers of mercantile agent with respect to disposition of goods

   PART 17--Amendment of Mining Act 1971

   48.     Insertion of section 83A

   PART 18--Amendment of National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972

   49.     Amendment of section 35--Control of reserves
   50.     Amendment of section 69--Permits

   PART 19--Amendment of Natural Resources Management Act 2004

   51.     Insertion of section 173A

   PART 20--Amendment of Offshore Minerals Act 2000

   52.     Insertion of section 5A

   PART 21--Amendment of Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000

   53.     Insertion of section 13A

   PART 22--Amendment of Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act 1982

   54.     Insertion of section 5B

   PART 23--Amendment of Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982

   55.     Insertion of section 5A

   PART 24--Amendment of Stock Mortgages and Wool Liens Act 1924

   56.     Amendment of section 4--Interpretation
   57.     Amendment of section 5--Stock mortgages
   58.     Amendment of section 14--Owner of sheep may grant preferable lien on wool
   59.     Amendment of section 19--Other implied covenants in stock mortgages and agreements for wool liens
   60.     Amendment of section 20--Meaning of abbreviated expressions
   61.     Amendment of section 21--Covenants to be several as well as joint
   62.     Amendment of section 22--Covenants to bind executors
   63.     Amendment of section 25--Certain provisions of Bills of Sale Act to apply to mortgages and agreements for liens
   64.     Insertion of Parts 5 and 6

   PART 5--Provisions relating to PPS Act

   PART 6--Repeal of Act

   PART 25--Amendment of Unclaimed Goods Act 1987

   65.     Amendment of section 8--Proceeds of sale

   PART 26--Amendment of Wilderness Protection Act 1992

   66.     Amendment of section 28--Control and administration of wilderness protection areas and zones
   67.     Amendment of section 33--Prohibited areas

   PART 27--Amendment of Worker's Liens Act 1893

   68.     Insertion of section 9C

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