South Australian Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Amendment provisions

   PART 2--Amendment of District Court Act 1991

   4.      Amendment of section 50B--Certain trials of sexual offences to be given priority

   PART 3--Amendment of Evidence Act 1929

   5.      Amendment of section 4--Interpretation
   6.      Amendment of section 9--Unsworn evidence
   7.      Insertion of section 12AB
   8.      Amendment of section 13--Special arrangements for protecting witnesses from embarrassment, distress etc when giving evidence
   9.      Amendment of section 13A--Special arrangements for protecting vulnerable witnesses when giving evidence in criminal proceedings
   10.     Insertion of section 13BA
   11.     Amendment of section 13C--Court's power to make audio visual record of evidence of vulnerable witnesses in criminal proceedings
   12.     Insertion of section 14A
   13.     Substitution of section 21
   14.     Amendment of section 25--Disallowance of inappropriate questions
   15.     Repeal of section 34CA
   16.     Insertion of section 34LA
   17.     Amendment of section 34M--Evidence relating to complaint in sexual cases
   18.     Amendment of section 67H--Meaning of sensitive material
   19.     Insertion of section 67HA
   20.     Amendment of section 69--Order for clearing court

   PART 4--Amendment of Magistrates Court Act 1991

   21.     Amendment of section 48B--Certain trials of sexual offences to be given priority

   PART 5--Amendment of Summary Offences Act 1953

   22.     Insertion of heading to Part 17 Division 1
   23.     Insertion of heading to Part 17 Division 2
   24.     Amendment of section 74D--Obligation to record interviews with suspects
   25.     Amendment of section 74E--Admissibility of evidence of interview
   26.     Insertion of Part 17 Division 3 Division 3--Recording interviews with certain vulnerable witnesses
   27.     Insertion of heading to Part 17 Division 4
   28.     Amendment of section 74F--Prohibition on playing recordings of interviews
   29.     Insertion of section 74H

   PART 6--Amendment of Summary Procedure Act 1921

   30.     Amendment of section 104--Preliminary examination of charges of indictable offences
   31.     Amendment of section 106--Taking evidence at preliminary examination

   PART 7--Amendment of Supreme Court Act 1935

   32.     Amendment of section 126A--Certain trials of sexual offences to be given priority

   PART 8--Amendment of Victims of Crime Act 2001

   33.     Amendment of section 6--Fair and dignified treatment
           SCHEDULE 1--Transitional provision

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