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South Australia

Forestry (Forest Reserve—Northern Forest District) Variation Proclamation 2018

under section 3(3) of the Forestry Act 1950


1 The following land is forest reserve under the Forestry Act 1950

(see proclamation, Gazette 19.3.1992 p877, as varied) and forms part of the Northern Forest District:

Portion of Section 286, Hundred of Belalie, now identified as Allotment 1 in Deposited Plan No. 116698, Hundred of Belalie;

Allotments 106 and 107 in Deposited Plan No. 116702, Hundred of Darling;

Sections 337, 338, 339, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344 and 345, Hundred of Darling.

2 It is now intended that this land cease to be forest reserve.

Part 1—Preliminary

1—Short title

This proclamation may be cited as the Forestry (Forest Reserve—Northern Forest District) Variation Proclamation 2018.


This proclamation comes into operation on the day on which it is made.

3—Variation provisions

In this proclamation, a provision under a heading referring to the variation of a specified proclamation varies the proclamation so specified.

Part 2—Variation of proclamation under Forestry Act 1950 declaring forest reserve (Gazette 19.3.1992 p877) as varied

4—Variation of Schedule

(1) Schedule, clause 2(d)—delete "286,"

(2) Schedule, clause 2(d)—after "Lot 2 of Plan No. DP 52649 accepted for deposit in the Lands Titles Registration Office at Adelaide" insert:

, Lots 3 and 4 Deposited Plan 117156

(3) Schedule, clause 2(g)—delete "335—345, Lots 106 and 107 Deposited Plan 116702" and substitute:

335, 336

Made by the Governor

with the advice and consent of the Executive Council
on 13 February 2018

17MFOR0007; 17MFOR0012

[Published in the Gazette on 13 February 2018 at page 734]

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