South Australian Repealed Acts

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This legislation has been repealed.



           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title and commencement
   2.      Consolidation and repeal
   4.      Interpretation

   PART 2--Management of public hospitals

   5.      Power to proclaim public hospitals
   5A.     Appointment of Director-General of Medical Services and Deputy Director-General of Medical Services
   6.      Voluntary contributors to public hospitals
   7.      Appointment of members of board of management
   8.      Election of board of management
   9.      Retirement of members of board of management
   10.     Meeting for election of members of board
   11.     Proceedings at elections
   12.     Proceedings at meetings
   13.     Vacancies
   14.     Quorum of board
   15.     Functions of board
   16.     Power to make regulations
   17.     Publication of regulations
   18.     Disallowance of rules and regulations
   19.     Penalty for breach of regulations
   20.      Prosecution of offences
   21.     Notices to contributors and others
   22.     Functions of director-general

   PART 3--The Royal Adelaide Hospital

   23.     Interpretation
   24.     Constitution of board
   25.     Tenure of office
   26.     Casual vacancies
   27.     Provision as to defects in appointment
   28.     Chairman
   29.     Quorum
   30.     Remuneration of members
   31.     Reports by the board
   32.     Royal Adelaide Hospital to be medical and dental school
   33.     Advisory committee
   34.     Official visitors
   35.     Competency of official visitors to hold inquiries
   36.     Functions of official visitors

   PART 4--Rating for hospital purposes and incorporation of hospitals

   37.     Powers of Governor
   38.     Power of director-general to require contribution
   39.     Duty of council to contribute
   40.     Recovery of contributions
   41.     Application of moneys
   42.     Regulations
   43.     Incorporation of district hospitals
   44.     Powers of incorporated hospitals
   45.     Transfer of property
   46.     Saving of liabilities

   PART 5--Recovery of costs of maintenance

   47.     Maintenance of patients in public hospitals
   48.     Application of section 47 to subsidised hospitals

   PART 6--Payment of hospital charges resulting from accidents

   49.     Interpretation
   50.     Report of accidents
   51.     Duty of insurer
   52.     Notice by hospital to insurer
   53.     Payment by insurer of cost of hospital treatment
   54.     Notice of claim to and payment by other than insurer
   55.     Default by insurer or other person
   56.     Payments to Government hospitals
   57.     Service of notice
   58.     Saving provision
           SCHEDULE -Acts repealed
           Legislative history

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