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             Tasmanian Beef Industry (Research and Development) Trust Amendment Bill 2014

                                           CLAUSE NOTES

Clause 1.       Short Title

Clause 2.       Commencement

This Act will commence on the day it receives Royal Assent.

Clause 3.       Principal Act

This Bill amends the Tasmanian Beef Industry (Research and Development) Trust Act 1990, which is
referred to as the `Principal Act' for the purposes of this Bill.

Clause 4.       Section 3 amended (Interpretation)

Defines the terms `beef producer', `Meat Council' and `TFGA'.

Clause 5.       Section 6 amended (Members of the Trust)

This clause establishes the new size and composition of the Trust. It expands the number of members
of the Trust from three to five. Two members must be beef producers appointed by the Minister from a
panel of names provided by the TFGA Board, in consultation with the Meat Council. The remaining
three members of the Trust will be people with experience in the beef industry, appointed directly by
the Minister. One of the three must have expertise in agricultural science and knowledge of
contemporary beef research and development.

This clause also ensures that members can serve no more than two consecutive (five year maximum)
terms on the Trust.

Clause 6.       Section 12 inserted

This clause will insert a new section 12 into the Principal Act, to require the Trust to produce a
comprehensive annual report showing the number, location and attendance of Trust meetings, the
number of applications received for funding, a list of grant recipients and the amount and purpose of
those grants, and copies of all final reports on any activities funded by the Trust in that year. It also
permits the Minister and the Trust to make the report available in any way considered appropriate.

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Clause 7. Section 13A inserted This clause provides the Minister with the power to dissolve the Trust, if the Trust fails to meet specific legislative obligations and does not subsequently rectify that failure. The obligations that may trigger this dissolution power include the Section 8 (Powers of the Trust), Section 11 (Accounts of the Trust), Section 12 (Reporting) or several clauses of Schedule 2 (Meetings of the Trust). The Minister must explore all other reasonable options to rectify the Trust's failure to meet its obligations before he or she can dissolve the Trust. If the Minister dissolves the Trust, he or she must lay a copy of the reasons for the dissolution before each House of Parliament within 21 sitting days, and ensure that any remaining Trust funds are used for the purposes of the Principal Act. Clause 8. Schedule 1 amended (Members of the Trust) This clause provides that salaried employees of the TFGA are no longer be eligible to be appointed and serve as members of the Trust. The clause also ensures that any fees and allowances paid to members of the Trust can only be done so with the permission of the Minister. Clause 9. Schedule 2 amended (Meetings of the Trust) This clause makes a number of changes to the rules governing meetings, mostly to reflect the larger membership of the amended Trust. It also requires members to annually elect one of their number to be Chair of the Trust, and requires the Trust to invite the Minister to attend, or send a representative to, every meeting of the Trust as an observer. Clause 10. Repeal of Act The Act will be repealed one year from commencement. This is a standard inclusion in amendment bills. Page 2 of 2




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