AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 13 of 2011
- Royal Assent 16 June 2011


           Long Title

   PART 1A - Preliminary

   1A.     Short title
   1B.     Commencement
   1C.     Paramount object of Act
   1D.     Act binds Crown

   PART 1 - General Provisions

   1.      Scope of application (cf Model Law Art 1)
   2.      Definitions and rules of interpretation (cf Model Law Art 2)
   2A.     International origin and general principles (cf Model Law Art 2A)
   3.      Receipt of written communications (cf Model Law Art 3)
   4.      Waiver of right to object (cf Model Law Art 4)
   5.      Extent of court intervention (cf Model Law Art 5)
   6.      Court for certain functions of arbitration assistance and supervision
           (cf Model Law Art 6)

   PART 2 - Arbitration Agreement

   7.      Definition and form of arbitration agreement (cf Model Law Art 7)
   8.      Arbitration agreement and substantive claim before court (cf Model
           Law Art 8)
   9.      Arbitration agreement and interim measures by court (cf Model Law
           Art 9)

   PART 3 - Composition of Arbitral Tribunal

   10.     Number of arbitrators (cf Model Law Art 10)
   11.     Appointment of arbitrators (cf Model Law Art 11)
   12.     Grounds for challenge (cf Model Law Art 12)
   13.     Challenge procedure (cf Model Law Art 13)
   14.     Failure or impossibility to act (cf Model Law Art 14)
   15.     Appointment of substitute arbitrator (cf Model Law Art 15)

   PART 4 - Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunal

   16.     Competence of arbitral tribunal to rule on its jurisdiction (cf
           Model Law Art 16)

   PART 4A - Interim Measures Division 1 - Interim measures

   17.     Power of arbitral tribunal to order interim measures (cf Model Law
           Art 17)
   17A.    Conditions for granting interim measures (cf Model Law Art 17A)

           Division 2 - Preliminary orders

   17B.    ……….
   17C.    ……….

           Division 3 - Provisions applicable to interim measures

   17D.    Modification, suspension, termination (cf Model Law Art 17D)
   17E.    Provision of security (cf Model Law Art 17E)
   17F.    Disclosure (cf Model Law Art 17F)
   17G.    Costs and damages (cf Model Law Art 17G)

           Division 4 - Recognition and enforcement of interim measures

   17H.    Recognition and enforcement (cf Model Law Art 17H)
   17I.    Grounds for refusing recognition or enforcement (cf Model Law Art

           Division 5 - Court-ordered interim measures

   17J.    Court-ordered interim measures (cf Model Law Art 17J)

   PART 5 - Conduct of Arbitral Proceedings

   18.     Equal treatment of parties (cf Model Law Art 18)
   19.     Determination of rules of procedure (cf Model Law Art 19)
   20.     Place of arbitration (cf Model Law Art 20)
   21.     Commencement of arbitral proceedings (cf Model Law Art 21)
   22.     Language (cf Model Law Art 22)
   23.     Statements of claim and defence (cf Model Law Art 23)
   24.     Hearings and written proceedings (cf Model Law Art 24)
   24A.    Representation
   24B.    General duties of parties
   25.     Default of a party (cf Model Law Art 25)
   26.     Expert appointed by arbitral tribunal (cf Model Law Art 26)
   27.     Court assistance in taking evidence (cf Model Law Art 27)
   27A.    Parties may obtain subpoenas
   27B.    Refusal or failure to attend before arbitral tribunal or to produce
   27C.    Consolidation of arbitral proceedings
   27D.    Power of arbitrator to act as mediator, conciliator or other
           non-arbitral intermediary
   27E.    Disclosure of confidential information
   27F.    Circumstances in which confidential information may be disclosed
   27G.    Arbitral tribunal may allow disclosure of confidential information in
           certain circumstances
   27H.    The Court may prohibit disclosure of confidential information in
           certain circumstances
   27I.    The Court may allow disclosure of confidential information in certain
   27J.    Determination of preliminary point of law by the Court

   PART 6 - Making of Award and Termination of Proceedings

   28.     Rules applicable to substance of dispute (cf Model Law Art 28)
   29.     Decision-making by panel of arbitrators (cf Model Law Art 29)
   30.     Settlement (cf Model Law Art 30)
   31.     Form and contents of award (cf Model Law Art 31)
   32.     Termination of proceedings (cf Model Law Art 32)
   33.     Correction and interpretation of award; additional award (cf Model
           Law Art 33)
   33A.    Specific performance
   33B.    Costs
   33C.    Application of Legal Profession Act 2007
   33D.    Costs of abortive arbitration
   33E.    Interest up to making of award
   33F.    Interest on debt under award

   PART 7 - Recourse Against Award

   34.     Application for setting aside as exclusive recourse against arbitral
           award (cf Model Law Art 34)
   34A.    Appeals against awards

   PART 8 - Recognition and Enforcement of Awards

   35.     Recognition and enforcement (cf Model Law Art 35)
   36.     Grounds for refusing recognition or enforcement (cf Model Law Art

   PART 9 - Miscellaneous

   37.     Death of party
   38.     Interpleader
   39.     Immunity
   40.     Court rules
   41.     Regulations
   42.     Savings and transitional provisions
   43.     Administration of Act
   44.     Repeal
           SCHEDULE 1

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