AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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- (S.R. 2000, NO. 36)


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Definition of debenture

   PART 2 - Rules

   5.      Maximum fine that may be imposed on a member

   PART 3 - Active membership

   6.      Factors and considerations for determining primary activities
   7.      Register of cancelled memberships

   PART 4 - Shares and voting

   8.      Notice in respect of bonus shares
   9.      Postal ballots

   PART 5 - Management and administration of cooperatives

   10.     Disqualified persons
   11.     Adoption of Corporations Law provisions concerning officers of
   12.     Adoption of Corporations Law provisions and requirements for accounts
           and accounting records
   13.     Registers to be kept by cooperatives
   14.     Inspection of registers, &c.
   15.     Notice of appointment, &c., of directors and officers
   16.     Annual report
   17.     Advertising change of name of cooperative

   PART 6 - Funds and property

   18.     Fund raising to be in accordance with Act and regulations
   19.     Compulsory loan by member to cooperative
   20.     Limited dividend

   PART 7 - Restrictions on the acquisitions of interests in

   21.     Notice of relevant interest in a member's right to vote
   22.     Notice of substantial share interest
   23.     Notice of change in substantial share interest
   24.     Notice of cessation of substantial share interest

   PART 8 - Merger, transfer of engagements, winding-up

   25.     Application for transfer of incorporation
   26.     Winding-up on Commissioner's certificate
   27.     Application of Corporations Law to winding-up

   PART 9 - Arrangements and reconstructions

   28.     Commissioner to be given notice and opportunity to make submissions
   29.     Compulsory acquisition notice
   30.     Notice to remaining shareholders

   PART 10 - Foreign cooperatives

   31.     Application for registration of participating cooperative as a foreign

           32. Application for registration of non-participating cooperative as a
           foreign cooperative

   33.     Registration of foreign cooperative
   34.     Application of Act and regulations to foreign cooperatives
   35.     Notification by foreign cooperative of certain changes
   36.     Cooperative proposing to register as a foreign cooperative

   PART 11 - Supervision and protection of cooperatives

   37.     Inspectors may require certain persons to appear, answer questions
           and produce documents
   38.     Investigator's notice to involved person
   39.     Examination of involved person, allowance and expenses

   PART 12 - The Schedules of the Act

   40.     Minimum number of shares to be subscribed for
   41.     Charges required to be registered
   42.     Inspection of register of charges
   43.     Copies of register of charges

   PART 13 - Fees

   44.     Fees
   45.     Waiver of fees

   PART 14 - Miscellaneous

   46.     General requirements for documents lodged with Commissioner
   47.     Director or secretary to swear and lodge documents
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 6

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