AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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- (S.R. 2008, NO. 60)


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Object
   4.      Interpretation
   5.      Relationship with other regulations made under Act

   PART 2 - Operators

   6.      Nomination of operator
   7.      Acceptance or rejection of nomination of operator
   8.      Register of operators

   PART 3 - Safety Cases Division 1 - Contents of safety
   casesSubdivision 1 - Contents of safety case

   9.      Facility description, formal safety assessment and safety management
   10.     Implementation and improvement of safety management system
   11.     Standards to be applied
   12.     Command structure
   13.     Members of the workforce to be competent
   14.     Permit to work system for safe performance of various activities
   15.     Involvement of members of workforce
   16.     Design, construction, installation, maintenance and modification
   17.     Medical and pharmaceutical supplies and services
   18.     Machinery and equipment
   19.     Drugs and intoxicants
   20.     Evacuation, escape and rescue analysis
   21.     Fire and explosion risk analysis
   22.     Emergency communications systems
   23.     Control systems
   24.     Emergency preparedness
   25.     Pipelines
   26.     Vessel and aircraft control
   27.     Arrangements for records

           Division 2 - Submission and acceptance of safety cases

   28.     Safety case to be submitted to Safety Authority
   29.     Safety Authority may request more information
   30.     Acceptance or rejection of safety case
   31.     Notice of decision on safety case
   32.     Consent to undertake work outside of requirements of safety case
   33.     Duties under Part 2 of Schedule 5 to Act

           Division 3 - Revised safety cases

   34.     Revision of safety case because of change of circumstances or
   35.     Revision on request by Safety Authority
   36.     Revision after 5 years
   37.     Safety Authority may request more information
   38.     Acceptance or rejection of revised safety case
   39.     Notice of decision on revised safety case
   40.     Effect of rejection of revised safety case

           Division 4 - Withdrawal of acceptance of safety case

   41.     Grounds for withdrawal of acceptance
   42.     Notice before withdrawal of acceptance

           Division 5 - Exemptions

   43.     Safety Authority may give exemption

   PART 4 - Validation

   44.     Validation of design, construction and installation, significant
           modification or decommissioning of facility

   PART 5 - Notifying and Reporting Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences

   45.     Interpretation
   46.     Reporting accidents and dangerous occurrences

   PART 6 - Penalty Provisions

   47.     Facility must have registered operator
   48.     Safety case required for relevant stage in life of facility
   49.     Work on facility must comply with safety case
   50.     New health and safety risk
   51.     Maintaining records
   52.     Person on facility must comply with safety case
   53.     Interference with accident sites

   PART 7 - Miscellaneous

   54.     Details in applications or submissions
   55.     Legislation rescinded
           SCHEDULE 1

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