AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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POISONS REGULATIONS 2008 (S.R. 2008, NO. 162)

- (S.R. 2008, NO. 162)


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Preparations containing substances listed in two or more Schedules to
           Poisons List

   PART 2 - Administration

   5.      Manufacturing chemists and wholesale chemists
   6.      Granting of permits by Minister

   PART 3 - Narcotic Substances and Prohibited Plants Division 1 -
   Licences in respect of narcotic substances and prohibited plants

   7.      Licences to manufacture, &c., narcotic substances for scientific
   8.      Fees

           Division 2 - Possession of narcotic substances

   9.      Possession of narcotic substances for purposes of profession, &c.

           Division 3 - Supply of narcotic substances

   10.     Inquiries, &c., before supplying narcotic substance to patient
   11.     Supply of narcotic substances
   12.     Conveyance of narcotic substances

           Division 4 - Records and returns as to narcotic substances

   13.     Narcotic substances register to be kept by certain persons
   14.     Retaining of records

           Division 5 - Prescriptions for narcotic substances

   15.     Prescribing and supply of narcotic substances
   16.     Electronic prescriptions for narcotic substances
   17.     Record of prescribing and supply of narcotic substances
   18.     Emergency prescribing and dispensing of narcotic substances
   19.     Prescription for certain narcotic substances to be issued only on
           authority of Secretary
   20.     Supply of certain narcotic substances without prior authority of
   21.     Registered nurse may possess and administer narcotic substance
   22.     Minister’s authorisation for possession and supply of narcotic

           Division 6 - Dispensing of narcotic substances

   23.     Dispensing of narcotic substances (S8)
   24.     Restriction on dispensing narcotic substances

           Division 7 - Storage of narcotic substances

   25.     Storage of narcotic substances

           Division 8 - Storage and supply of narcotic substances in medical

   26.     Authorised officer to store, supply, &c., narcotic substances in
           medical institution
   27.     Supply of narcotic substances in medical institution
   28.     Receipt for supply of narcotic substance in medical institution
   29.     Storage and control of narcotic substances in wards of medical
   30.     Administration of narcotic substances (S8) in medical institutions

           Division 9 - Storage and use of narcotic substances in special

   31.     Minister may grant nurse's authority in certain circumstances
   32.     Narcotic substances on vessels
   33.     Narcotic substances for first aid use

           Division 10 - Destruction, disposal and loss, &c., of narcotic

   34.     Destruction of narcotic substances prohibited
   35.     Procedures in case of loss, &c., of narcotic substances

           Division 11 - General

   36.     Miscellaneous duties of licence holder
   37.     Self-administration of narcotic substances prohibited
   38.     Control of narcotic substances within Ambulance Service

   PART 4 - Poisons and Restricted Substances Division 1 - Storage of
   poisons, &c.

   39.     Storage of poisons, &c.

           Division 2 - Advertising, prescribing, sale, supply and dispensing of
           restricted substances

   40.     Restriction on advertising of restricted substances
   41.     Prescriptions for restricted substances
   42.     Electronic prescriptions for restricted substances
   43.     Emergency prescribing and dispensing of restricted substances
   44.     Records of prescribing of declared restricted substances
   45.     Sale or supply of restricted substances
   46.     Dispensing prescriptions for restricted substances (S4)
   47.     Specified psychotropic substances
   48.     Emergency supply of restricted substances other than specified
           psychotropic substances
   49.     Supply of restricted substance in medical institution
   50.     Information about drugs

           Division 3 - Advertising, sale, supply, dispensing and recording of
           potent substances

   51.     Interpretation of Division
   52.     Advertising of potent substances
   53.     Supply of potent substances by pharmaceutical chemists
   54.     Administration of salbutamol (S3)
   55.     Obtaining potent substances through misrepresentation

           Division 4 - Use, &c., of restricted substances in medical

   56.     Authorised officer to store, &c., restricted substances
   57.     Supply of restricted substances to patients
   58.     Storage of declared restricted substances in wards of medical
   59.     Administration of restricted substances (S4) in medical institutions

           Division 5 - Administration of substances by nurses

   60.     Enrolled nurse may administer certain substances
   61.     Registered nurse may possess and administer restricted substance
   62.     Minister’s authorisation for possession and supply of restricted

           Division 6 - Miscellaneous

   63.     Prescribed form of various certificates, applications and licences
   64.     Prescribed persons for section 38(1)(i) of Act
   65.     Prescribed class 1 substances for section 38(1) of Act
   66.     Restrictions on purchase, &c., of certain pesticidal substances
   67.     Veterinary use of chloramphenicol
   68.     Restriction on possession, &c., of diazepam
   69.     Restriction on sale, &c., of clozapine
   70.     Prescription, &c., of certain substances prohibited, unless
           authorised by Secretary
   71.     Precautions in prescribing substances capable of producing birth
   72.     Restrictions on use of certain poisons and restricted substances
   73.     Restriction of possession of certain substances
   74.     Restrictions on certain dangerous poisons
   75.     Restrictions applying to veterinary medicines
   76.     Wholesale dealing
   77.     Retaining of records
   78.     Supply of clinical samples

   PART 5 - Packaging and Labelling of Scheduled Substances Division 1
   - Application of provisions of Uniform Standard

   79.     Application of provisions of Uniform Standard

           Division 2 - Packaging of scheduled substances

   80.     Special provisions as to containers for narcotic substances
   81.     Child-resistant packaging of certain medicines

           Division 3 - Labelling of scheduled substances

   82.     Labelling of poisons in poison book
   83.     Labelling prohibitions
   84.     Labelling of dispensed medicines

   PART 6 - Miscellaneous

   85.     Revocation of licence to be published
   86.     Offence to act if right suspended or revoked
   87.     Duration of licence or authority
   88.     Surrender of licence or authority
   89.     Application to extend suspension
   90.     Prescribed authorities
   91.     Exemptions
   92.     Approved first aid kits
   93.     Returns to be provided
   94.     Administration of drugs by midwives under general orders
   95.     Administration of Schedules 2 , 3 and 4 substances
   96.     Administration of certain substances to detainees
   97.     Possession of pseudoephedrine
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 6
           SCHEDULE 7
           SCHEDULE 8
           SCHEDULE 9

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