AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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ROAD AMENDMENT RULES 2016 (S.R. 2016, NO. 56) - REG 13

Rule 262A inserted

After rule 262 of the Principal Rules , the following rule is inserted in Part 15:

262A.     Proceeding when bicycle crossing light is green

(1)  The rider of a bicycle who is crossing at an intersection, or another place on a road, with bicycle crossing lights and traffic lights must comply with this rule.
Penalty:  Fine not exceeding 5 penalty units.

Note : Bicycle crossing lights , intersection and traffic lights are defined in the dictionary.

(2)  If the bicycle crossing lights show a green bicycle crossing light, the rider may cross even though the traffic lights show a red traffic light or yellow traffic light.

Note : Bicycle crossing lights , green bicycle crossing light , red traffic light , straight ahead , traffic lights and yellow traffic light are defined in the dictionary.

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