AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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ROAD AMENDMENT RULES 2016 (S.R. 2016, NO. 56) - REG 15

Rule 267 amended (Exemptions from wearing seatbelts)

Rule 267 of the Principal Rules is amended as follows:
(a) by omitting from subrule (3)(a) "certificate" second occurring and substituting "medical certificate" ;
(b) by omitting subrules (3A) and (4) and substituting the following subrules:
(3A)  A person who is in, or on, a motor vehicle is exempt from wearing a seatbelt if –
(a) the person or, if the person is a passenger, the driver of the vehicle, is carrying a medical certificate that states a medical practitioner believes the person should not wear a seatbelt because of a medical condition that the person has; and
(b) the person is complying with any conditions stated in the medical certificate; and
(c) no other law of this jurisdiction states that this subrule does not apply.

Note : Medical certificate and medical practitioner are defined in the dictionary.

(4)  However, a person is exempt under subrule (3) or (3A) only if the person who is carrying the medical certificate immediately produces the medical certificate when an authorised person or police officer asks to see the certificate.

Note : Authorised person and police officer are defined in the dictionary.

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