AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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ROAD AMENDMENT RULES 2022 (S.R. 2022, NO. 43)

- (S.R. 2022, NO. 43)


           Long Title

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Principal Rules
   4.      Rule 28 amended (Starting a left turn from a multi-lane road)
   5.      Rule 32 amended (Starting a right turn from a multi-lane road)
   6.      Rule 38 substituted
   7.      Rules 43 and 43A inserted
   8.      Rule 44 amended (Division does not apply to entering or leaving a
           roundabout, lane filtering or repositioning)
   9.      Rule 74 amended (Giving way when entering a road from a
           road-related area or adjacent land)
   10.     Rule 154 amended (Bus lanes)
   11.     Rule 154A inserted
   12.     Rule 174 amended (Stopping at or near a bicycle crossing (except at
           an intersection))
   13.     Rule 187 amended (Stopping in a bicycle lane, bus lane, bus only
           lane, tram lane, tramway, transit lane, truck lane or on tram
   14.     Rules 203B and 203C inserted
   15.     Rule 207 amended (Parking where fees are payable)
   16.     Rule 233 amended (Crossing a road to or from a tram)
   17.     Rule 261 amended (Stopping for a yellow bicycle crossing light)
   18.     Rule 264 substituted
   19.     Rule 270 amended (Wearing motor bike helmets)
   20.     Rule 271 amended (Riding on motor bikes and quad bikes)
   21.     Rule 299 amended (Television receivers and visual display units in
           motor vehicles)
   22.     Rule 300 amended (Use of mobile phones)
   23.     Rule 300A inserted
   24.     Schedule 2 amended (Standard or commonly used traffic signs)
   25.     Schedule 3 amended (Other permitted traffic signs)
   26.     Schedule 5 amended (Dictionary)

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