AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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RAIL SAFETY (GUIDELINES) ORDER 2010 (S.R. 2010, NO. 107) - REG 3

Approved guideline

For the purposes of section 162(1) of the Rail Safety Act 2009 , the instrument entitled Tourist and Heritage Rail Operators Assessment of Competence for Rail Safety Workers (ISBN 978-0-646-54235-5) is approved as a guideline.

Displayed and numbered in accordance with the Rules Publication Act 1953 .

Notified in the Gazette on 10 November 2010

This order is administered in the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources.


(This note is not part of the order)

This order under the Rail Safety Act 2009 approves a guideline for the purpose of providing practical guidance to persons who have duties or obligations under the rail safety law.

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