AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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- (S.R. 2010, NO. 37)


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Determination of suitability of person to hold driver licence,
           ancillary certificate or exemption
   5.      Learner approved motor cycles

   PART 2 - Driver Licences Division 1 - Classes of driver licences

   6.      Classes of driver licences
   7.      Authority conferred by licence

           Division 2 - Learner, provisional and other inexperienced drivers

   8.      Novice licensing stages
   9.      Learner drivers
   10.     Learner licences
   11.     Unaccompanied driver offence
   12.     Provisional licences
   13.     Special restrictions affecting motor cycle licences
   14.     Regression of novice riders
   15.     Regression of novice drivers
   16.     Prescribed offences
   17.     Recommencement or extension of provisional period on conviction for
           prescribed offence
   18.     Transitional provisions

           Division 3 - Issue of driver licence

   19.     Eligibility
   20.     Application for driver licence
   21.     Requirements by Registrar
   22.     Issue of driver licence
   23.     Term of driver licence
   24.     Conditional licences
   25.     Form of driver licence
   26.     Recording of issue or variation of driver licence

           Division 4 - Expiry and renewal of driver licence

   27.     Expiry of driver licence
   28.     Notice of renewal
   29.     Application for renewal of driver licence
   30.     Requirements by Registrar
   31.     Renewal of driver licence

           Division 5 - Registrar's powers to vary, suspend or cancel driver

   32.     Variation, suspension or cancellation of driver licence
   33.     Procedures for variation, suspension or cancellation of driver licence

           Division 6 - Surrender of driver licence

   34.     Surrender of driver licence

           Division 7 - Demerit points

   35.     Demerit points

           Division 8 - Miscellaneous

   36.     Notification of change of circumstances
   37.     Exemptions from requirement to hold driver licence
   38.     Interstate and international drivers

   PART 3 - Ancillary Certificates Division 1 - Ancillary certificates

   39.     Ancillary certificates
   40.     Term of ancillary certificate
   41.     Form, &., of ancillary certificate
   42.     Issue of identification card
   43.     Suspension or cancellation of primary licence or ancillary certificate
   44.     Surrender of primary licence or ancillary certificate

           Division 2 - Ancillary certificates in driving instruction

   45.     Eligibility to hold ancillary certificate in driving instruction
   46.     Requirements for motor vehicles used in driving instruction

           Division 3 - Ancillary certificates to drive public passenger

   47.     Eligibility to hold ancillary certificate to drive public passenger
   48.     Exemptions for certain public passenger vehicle drivers

   PART 4 - Document Obligations

   49.     Return of driver licence or ancillary certificate on suspension or
   50.     Return of driver licence or ancillary certificate on variation

   PART 5 - Registration of Motor Vehicles and Trailers Division 1 -
   Eligibility for registration

   51.     Eligibility to be registered operator
   52.     Eligibility for registration of motor vehicles or trailers
   53.     Discretionary registration
   54.     Compliance with relevant vehicle standards
   55.     Identification numbers

           Division 2 - Application for registration

   56.     Application for registration
   57.     Registration of motor vehicles and trailers
   58.     Registration period
   59.     Conditional registration
   60.     Recording of registration
   61.     Issue of certificate of registration
   62.     Issue of registration number and number plates
   63.     Obligation to display number plate
   64.     Issue of registration labels
   65.     Obligation to display registration label

           Division 3 - Renewal of registration

   66.     Notice of renewal
   67.     Application for renewal of registration
   68.     Renewal of registration

           Division 4 - Transfer of registration, &c.

   69.     Transfer of registration
   70.     Notice of change of beneficial ownership

           Division 5 - Surrender of registration

   71.     Surrender

           Division 6 - Suspension or cancellation of registration

   72.     Suspension or cancellation of registration
   73.     Notice of suspension
   74.     Notice of cancellation

           Division 7 - Written-off vehicles

   75.     Application of Division 7
   76.     Persons who may determine total loss
   77.     Notifying Registrar of written-off vehicle
   78.     Written-off vehicle labels
   79.     Duties and offences relating to written-off vehicle label
   80.     Suspension or cancellation of registration of written-off vehicle
   81.     Clearance of written-off vehicle label
   82.     Removal of mistakenly affixed written-off vehicle label
   83.     Record to be made in written-off vehicles register

           Division 8 - Vehicle defect notices

   84.     References to "registered operator"
   85.     Basis for issue of formal warning notice and vehicle defect notice
   86.     Issue of formal warning notice
   87.     Issue of vehicle defect notice
   88.     Clearance of vehicle defect notice
   89.     Compliance with vehicle defect notice
   90.     Record to be made in register of motor vehicles and trailers

           Division 9 - Use of unregistered vehicles

   91.     Trade plates
   92.     Short term unregistered vehicle permits
   93.     Information to be recorded in registers

           Division 10 - Exemptions from registration

   94.     Driving vehicle to and from place of registration, &c.
   95.     Statutory exemption for interstate and foreign vehicles
   96.     Exemption for certain caravans, &c.
   97.     Vehicles driven by police officers and authorised officers
   98.     Exemption for agricultural implements, &c.
   99.     Registrar's power to exempt
   100.    Exemption for driving vehicle between properties intersected by public
   101.    Exemption from registration does not affect obligation to have

           appropriate third-party insurance cover

           Division 11 - Miscellaneous

   102.    Vehicle inspection program for public passenger vehicles and hire and
           drive vehicles
   103.    Requirement for insurance
   104.    Modification of registered vehicle
   105.    Notification of change of circumstances
   106.    Return of number plates or trade plate after cancellation or expiry,
   107.    Return of certificate of registration and destruction of registration
           label after cancellation or expiry of registration, &c.
   108.    Exclusion of air cushion vehicles from definition of motor vehicle

   PART 6 - Motor Tax Division 1 - Calculation of motor tax

   109.    Calculation of motor tax on application for registration
   110.    Upgrade of registration or issue of temporary upgrade permit
   111.    Downgrade of registration and refund of motor tax
   112.    Refund of motor tax on surrender of registration
   113.    Reassessment of motor tax

           Division 2 - Exemptions, rebates and refunds

   114.    General exemptions
   115.    Exemptions based on disabilities
   116.    Pensioner's rebate
   117.    Rebate for some farm vehicles
   118.    Rebate for special-interest vehicles
   119.    Rebate for interchangeable trailers
   120.    Rebate for certain 3-axle buses

   PART 7 - Road Safety Levy

   121.    Interpretation of Part
   122.    Road safety levy
   123.    Exempted vehicles

   PART 8 - Registers

   124.    Registers
   125.    Security of information in registers
   126.    Issue of certificates and disclosure of information contained in
   127.    Administrative guidelines

   PART 9 - Fees and Charges

   128.    Fees generally
   129.    Licence fee exemption
   130.    Licence fee refund
   131.    Registration fee exemption
   132.    Waiver of fee for transfer of registration
   133.    Limitation on concessional registration payments for eligible
   134.    Limitation on concessional administrative fee for eligible pensioners
   135.    Waiver of fee on transfer of registration
   136.    Waiver of inspection fees
   137.    Registrar may provide materials and services related to Registrar's

   PART 10 - Miscellaneous

   138.    Issue of duplicate or replacement documents
   139.    Agency
   140.    Medical examinations
   141.    Forms
   142.    Notification of conviction, &c.
   143.    Cooperation between driver licensing and vehicle registration
   144.    Prescribed minimum fines for excessive speeding
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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