Victorian Current Acts

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   1.      Purposes  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Securing pecuniary profit for members  


           Division 1--Incorporation of association

   5.      Authority to apply for incorporation  
   6.      Application for incorporation  
   7.      Registration of proposed incorporated association  
   8.      Incorporation and certificate of registration  
   9.      Vesting of property  

           Division 2--Registration of existing bodies

   10.     Meaning of registrable body  
   11.     Eligibility to apply to be registered under this Act  
   12.     Application for incorporation under this Act  
   13.     Registration of registrable body  
   14.     Incorporation and certificate of registration  
   15.     Effect of incorporation of registrable body  

           Division 3--Amalgamation of incorporated associations

   16.     Definitions  
   17.     Approval to apply for amalgamation  
   18.     Application for amalgamation  
   19.     Amalgamation of incorporated associations  
   20.     Amalgamation and certificate of registration  
   21.     Effect of amalgamation  


   22.     Name of incorporated association  
   23.     Name must appear on business documents etc.  
   24.     Application to change name of incorporated association  
   25.     Registration of new name  
   26.     Change of name does not create new legal entity etc.  
   27.     Direction to change name  
   28.     Registered address of incorporated association  


           Division 1--General

   29.     Incorporated association is a body corporate  
   30.     General powers of incorporated association  
   31.     Trust property  
   32.     Disposal of trust property  
   33.     Incorporated association not to secure pecuniary profit for members  

           Division 2--Prohibited transactions, unauthorised acts etc.

   34.     Restriction of exercise of powers  
   35.     Prohibited transactions  
   36.     Unauthorised act, conveyance or transfer performed pursuant to contract  

           Division 3--Authentication and execution of documents and confirmation of contracts

   37.     Authentication of document or proceeding  
   38.     Execution of contract or other document by signature  
   39.     Incorporated association may authorise person to execute deed  
   40.     Execution under seal  
   41.     Contractual formalities  
   42.     Other requirements as to consent or sanction not affected  

           Division 4--Pre-registration contracts

   43.     Contracts before registration  
   44.     Person may be released from liability but is not entitled to indemnity  
   45.     This Division replaces other rights and liabilities  


           Division 1--Rules of incorporated association

   46.     Rules constitute terms of contract  
   47.     Requirements  
   48.     Rules of an incorporated association  
   49.     Model rules  
   50.      Alteration of rules  

           Division 2--Membership

   51.     Membership of an incorporated association  
   52.     Limitation of rights and liabilities of members  
   53.     Inspection of rules and minutes  
   54.     Disciplinary action  
   55.     Grievance procedure  

           Division 3--Register of members

   56.     Register of members  
   57.     Inspection of register of members  
   58.     Improper use of information recorded on register of members  
   59.     Restriction of access to personal information  
   59A.    Exemption from section 57  
   59B.    Revocation of exemption from section 57  

           Division 4--General meetings

   60.     Requirement to give notice of general meeting  
   61.     Right of member to attend and vote at general meeting  
   62.     Use of technology at general meetings  
   63.     Annual general meeting  
   64.     Special resolutions  
   65.     Declaration by chairperson of passing of resolution  
   66.     Approval to pass special resolution in other manner  

           Division 5--Court orders enforcing rules or rights of members

   67.     Enforcement of rules  
   68.      Oppressive conduct  
   69.     Oppressive conduct—transfer of proceeding to Supreme Court  
   70.     Order altering rules  
   71.      Lodgement of order with Registrar  


           Division 1--Appointment of secretary and committee

   72.     First secretary  
   73.     Filling vacancy  
   74.     Notice of appointment  
   74A.    Notification of change of address  
   75.     Acts of secretary not invalid  
   76.     Secretary may hold other offices in association  
   77.     First committee  
   78.     Removal from and vacation of office  

           Division 2--Meetings of the committee

   79.     Use of technology at committee meetings  
   80.     Disclosure of material personal interest  
   81.     Matter on which committee member has material personal interest  

           Division 3--Duties of office holders

   82.     Definition  
   83.     Improper use of information or position  
   84.     Duty of care and diligence  
   85.     Duty of good faith and proper purpose  
   86.     Reliance on information or advice  
   87.     Indemnity of office holders  

           Division 4--Miscellaneous

   88.     Return of documents belonging to incorporated association  


           Division 1--General requirements

   89.     Obligation to keep financial records  
   90.     Tier one, tier two and tier three associations  
   91.     Registrar may declare an incorporated association to be tier one or tier two association  

           Division 2--Tier one associations

   92.     Obligation to prepare financial statements  
   93.     Review of financial statements  
   94.     Submission of financial statement to annual general meeting  

           Division 3--Tier two associations

   95.     Obligation to prepare financial statements  
   96.     Review of financial statements  
   97.     Submission of financial statements to annual general meeting  

           Division 4--Tier three associations

   98.     Obligation to prepare financial statements  
   99.     Audit of financial statements  
   100.    Submission of financial statements to annual general meeting  

           Division 5--General requirements relating to financial statements

   101.    Content of financial statements  
   102.    Lodgement of annual statement with Registrar  
   103.    Exemption from requirements under section 102  
   103A.   Information sharing  
   104.    Extension of time to hold annual general meeting or to lodge annual statement  
   105.    Retention of financial statements and other documents  

           Division 6--Removal of auditor

   106.    Removal of auditor by resolution  
   107.    Auditor may make representation  
   108.    Exemption from requirements  


   109.    Definitions  
   110.    Application for transfer of incorporation  
   111.    Direction to transfer incorporation  
   112.    Notice of transfer to Registrar  
   113.    Validity of contracts  
   114.    New body ceases to be incorporated under this Act  
   115.    Effect of transfer of incorporation  


   116.    Appointment of statutory manager  
   117.    Effect of appointment of statutory manager  
   118.    Powers of statutory manager  
   119.    Revocation of appointment  
   120.    Expenses of statutory management  
   121.    Liabilities arising from statutory management  
   122.    Statutory manager to report to Registrar  
   123.    Additional powers of Registrar  
   124.    Stay of proceedings  


           Division 1--Winding up

   125.    Voluntary winding up  
   126.    Winding up by the court  
   127.    Winding up on certificate of Registrar  
   128.    Procedure before certification  
   129.    Review of certificate  
   130.    Procedure for winding up on certificate  

           Division 2--Distribution of surplus assets on winding up

   131.    Definition  
   132.    Distribution of surplus assets  
   133.    Court order relating to distribution of surplus assets  

           Division 3--Cancellation of incorporation

   134.    Cancellation on winding up  
   135.    Cancellation on ceasing to operate  
   136.    Application for cancellation of incorporation  
   137.    Consideration of application by Registrar  
   138.    Cancellation of incorporation on application  
   139.    Liability continues  
   140.    Vesting of property after cancellation  
   141.    Proceeds from sale or disposal of property  
   142.    Reinstatement of cancelled association by Registrar  
   143.    Reinstatement of cancelled association by Supreme Court  


           Division 1--Exclusion from Corporations legislation

   144.    Incorporated association excluded from Corporations legislation  

           Division 2--Declaration of applied Corporations legislation

   145.    Common modifications  
   146.    Civil penalties applying to office holders  
   147.    Receivers and other controllers of property of incorporated association  
   148.    Voluntary administration  
   149.    Voluntary winding up  
   150.    Winding up by the court  
   151.    Winding up generally  
   152.    Insolvency  
   153.    General  
   154.    Offences under applied provisions  
   155.    Commonwealth Criminal Code does not apply  


           Division 1--General

   156.    Definitions  
   157.    Production of identification  

           Division 2--Requirements to produce information

   158.    Inspector may seek court order  
   159.    Inspection of documents under court order  
   160.    Notification of execution of court order  
   161.    Publisher required to produce information  

           Division 3--Entry and search of premises with consent

   162.    Entry and search with consent  
   163.    Notice before entry and search  
   164.    Acknowledgement of consent to entry and search  

           Division 4--Entry and search of premises without consent

   165.    Entry of premises open to the public  
   166.    Entry without consent or warrant  
   167.    Use or seizure of electronic equipment at premises  

           Division 5--Entry and search of premises with warrant

   168.    Search warrants  
   169.    Form and content of search warrants  
   169A.   Warrant may authorise the giving of a direction requiring assistance from person with knowledge of a computer or other electronic device  
   170.    Announcement before entry  
   171.    Details of warrant to be given to occupier  
   172.    Seizure of things not mentioned in the warrant  

           Division 6--Documents

   173.    Copies of seized documents  
   174.    Retention and return of seized documents or things  
   175.    Magistrates' Court may extend 3 month period  

           Division 7--Offences

   176.    Refusal or failure to comply with requirement  
   177.    Protection against self-incrimination  
   178.    Offence to give false or misleading information  
   179.    Offence to hinder or obstruct inspector  
   180.    Offence to impersonate inspector  

           Division 8--Miscellaneous

   181.    Entry to be reported to the Registrar  
   182.    Requirement to assist inspector during entry  
   183.    Register of exercise of powers of entry  
   184.    Complaints  
   185.    Service of documents  
   186.    Confidentiality  


           Division 1--Registrar

   187.    Registrar of Incorporated Associations  
   188.    Official seal  
   189.    Registrar may delegate  
   190.    Agents of the Registrar  

           Division 2--Register and documents held by Registrar

   191.    Register  
   192.    Corrections of register  
   193.    Restriction on personal information  
   194.    Release of restricted information  
   195.    Rights of review  
   196.    Inspection of register and obtaining copies of documents  
   197.    Duplicate certificate of registration  

           Division 3--Lodgement of documents

   198.    Payment of fee  
   199.    Method of lodgement  
   200.    Special arrangements for the lodgement of documents  
   201.    Retention of original documents  
   202.    Requirement to produce and lodge documents  
   203.    Signatures  
   204.    Refusal to register or receive document  
   205.    Refusal to register or receive invalid document  
   206.    Records and documents in language other than English  

           Division 4--Fees

   207.    Waiver or refund of fees  


           Division 1--General enforcement provisions

   208.    False and misleading statements  
   209.    Use of the word "Incorporated"  
   210.    Limitation on proceedings for offence  
   211.    Continuing offences  

           Division 2--Infringement notices

   212.    Infringement notices  
   213.    Additional step for ongoing offence  


   214.    Notice of register or document held by Registrar  
   215.    Assumptions  
   216.    Evidentiary provisions  
   217.    Service of documents  
   218.    Exemption from duty  
   219.    Application of Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012  
   220.    Transfer of proceeding to Supreme Court  
   221.    Qualified privilege  
   222.    Regulations  


   223.    Transitional provisions  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4

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