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BAIL ACT 1977 - SECT 12

Power of court to grant or refuse bail

S. 12(1) amended by Nos 3/2018 ss 16(1), 23(10), 32/2018 s. 93(1).

    (1)     This section applies if a person in custody is before a court, whether as a result of being brought before it in accordance with section 10(6) or (8), 10AA(4) or 10A(5AAB) or (6) of this Act or section 64(2)(a) of the Magistrates' Court Act 1989 or being otherwise before it.

S. 12(2) amended by No. 3/2018 s. 23(9).

    (2)     The court must hear and determine any application made for bail or for variation of the amount of bail or conditions of bail, or for remand in custody, in respect of the person.

    (3)     The court, in accordance with this Act, may grant or refuse bail.

Note to s. 12(3) substituted by Nos 26/2017 s. 14(10), 32/2018 s. 93(2).


Section 13(1) and (2) set out circumstances in which only the Supreme Court, or a court on committing a person to trial for murder, may grant bail.

S. 12(3A) inserted by No. 3/2018 s. 16(2), substituted by No. 32/2018 s. 93(3).

    (3A)     A court that grants bail for a person accused of an offence must record on the remand warrant, file or other papers—

        (a)     consent to the person being bailed; and

        (b)     the amount of any surety or sureties; and

        (c)     any conditions of bail.

    (4)     If the court refuses bail, it must—

        (a)     remand the person in custody to appear before a court at a later date, which must not be for a period longer than 21 clear days in the case of a child; and

        (b)     certify on the remand warrant a statement of the refusal and of the grounds for it.

    (5)     If a child is brought before a court on the expiry of a period of remand in custody, the court must not remand the child in custody for a further period longer than 21 clear days.

S. 12A inserted by No. 3/2018 s. 17, substituted by No. 32/2018 s. 94.

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