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CRIMES ACT 1958 - SECT 225

Conveying water into a mine

Whosoever unlawfully and maliciously causes any water to be conveyed or run into any mine or into any subterraneous passage communicating therewith with intent thereby to destroy or damage such mine or to hinder or delay the working thereof, or with the like intent unlawfully and maliciously pulls down fills up or obstructs or damages with intent to destroy obstruct or render useless any airway waterway drain pit level shaft or drive of or belonging to any mine, shall be guilty of an indictable offence, and shall be liable to level 6 imprisonment (5 years maximum). This provision shall not extend to any damage committed underground by any owner of any adjoining mine in working the same or by any person duly employed in such working.

S. 226 repealed by No. 9228 s. 2(1)(c).

    *     *     *     *     *

Pt 1 Div. 3 Subdiv. (9) (Heading and s. 227) repealed by No. 9228 s. 2(1)(c).

    *     *     *     *     *

No. 6103 s. 228.

S. 228 amended by Nos 9576 s. 11(1), 49/1991 s. 119(1)
(Sch. 2 item 53), 48/1997
s. 60(1)(Sch. 1 item 75).

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