Victorian Current Acts

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    (1)     Touching may be done—

        (a)     with any part of the body; or

        (b)     with anything else; or

        (c)     through anything, including anything worn by the person doing the touching or by the person touched.

    (2)     Touching may be sexual due to—

        (a)     the area of the body that is touched or used in the touching, including (but not limited to) the genital or anal region, the buttocks or, in the case of a female or a person who identifies as a female, the breasts; or

        (b)     the fact that the person doing the touching seeks or gets sexual arousal or sexual gratification from the touching; or

        (c)     any other aspect of the touching, including the circumstances in which it is done.

S. 35C inserted by No. 47/2016 s. 5.

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