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Use of information on Victorian DNA database

S. 464ZGH(1) amended by No. 32/2007 s. 7(1).

    (1)     A person who accesses information stored on the Victorian DNA database except in accordance with this section is guilty of a summary offence and liable to level 8 imprisonment (1 year maximum) or a level 8 fine (120 penalty units maximum).

S. 464ZGH(2) amended by No. 32/2007 s. 7(1).

    (2)     A person may access information stored on the Victorian DNA database for one or more of the following purposes—

        (a)     forensic comparison permitted under section 464ZGI (permissible matching);

        (b)     making the information available, in accordance with the regulations, to the person to whom the information relates;

S. 464ZGH (2)(c) amended by No. 32/2007 s. 7(1).

        (c)     administering the Victorian DNA database;

S. 464ZGH (2)(d) substituted by No. 32/2007 s. 7(2).

        (d)     in accordance with an arrangement entered into under section 464ZGN ;

        (e)     in accordance with the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 1987 of the Commonwealth or the Extradition Act 1988 of the Commonwealth;

        (f)     a coronial investigation or inquest;

        (g)     an investigation of a complaint by—

S. 464ZGH (2)(g)(i) substituted by No. 60/2014 s. 140(Sch. 3 item 8.1), repealed by No. 20/2017 s. 134(Sch. 1 item 5.1(a)).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 464ZGH
(2)(g)(ii) amended by No. 22/2016 s. 167.

              (ii)     the Health Complaints Commissioner within the meaning of the Health Records Act 2001 for the purposes of that Act; or

S. 464ZGH(2) (g)(iii) substituted by No. 32/2007 s. 7(3).

              (iii)     the Ombudsman appointed under the Ombudsman Act 1973 ; or

S. 464ZGH(2) (g)(iv) inserted by No. 32/2007 s. 7(3), amended by Nos 34/2008 s. 143(Sch. 2 item 3.1), 82/2012 s. 159(2), 20/2017 s. 134(Sch.  1 item 5.1(b)), substituted by No. 3/2019 s. 71(1).

              (iv)     the IBAC;

S. 464ZGH (2)(ga) inserted by No. 3/2019 s. 71(2).

        (ga)     the IBAC performing its functions under this   Act;

S. 464ZGH
(2)(h) inserted by No. 20/2017 s. 134(Sch.  1 item 5.1(c)).

        (h)     an investigation of a complaint by the Information Commissioner under the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 .

    (3)     This section does not apply to information that cannot be used to discover the identity of any person.

S. 464ZGI inserted by No. 16/2002 s. 16.

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