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Conducting a business in circumstances involving sexual servitude

    (1)     A person (A) commits an offence if—

        (a)     A conducts a business that involves the provision of commercial sexual services by another person (B); and

        (b)     B is not free to stop providing those services, or to leave the place or area where B provides those services, because A or another person (C)—

              (i)     uses force against B or another person (D); or

              (ii)     makes a threat to, or against, B or D; or

              (iii)     unlawfully detains B or D; or

              (iv)     engages in fraud or misrepresentation (including by omission) in relation to B or D; or

              (v)     uses a manifestly excessive debt, or purported debt, owed by B or D; and

        (c)     A knows that engaging in the conduct referred to in paragraph (b) will, or probably will, cause B—

              (i)     to provide, or to continue to provide, commercial sexual services; or

              (ii)     to not be free to leave the place or area where B provides commercial sexual services.

    (2)     A person who commits an offence against subsection (1) is liable to level 4 imprisonment (15 years maximum).

    (3)     For the purposes of subsection (1), conducting a business includes—

        (a)     taking any part in the management of the business; or

        (b)     exercising control or direction over the business; or

        (c)     providing finance for the business.

S. 53E inserted by No. 47/2016 s. 16.

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