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Meaning of terrorism risk information

    (1)     For the purposes of this Act, "terrorism risk information" in respect of a person means—

        (a)     an assessment made by an entity specified in subsection (2) that there is a risk that the person will commit a terrorism or foreign incursion offence; and

        (b)     the information relied on in making that assessment.

    (2)     The specified entities are—

        (a)     the Australian Crime Commission (by whatever name described) established by the Australian Crime Commission Act 2002 of the Commonwealth; and

        (b)     Victoria Police; and

        (c)     the Australian Federal Police; and

        (d)     the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation; and

        (e)     the Department of Justice and Regulation; and

        (f)     the police force or police service of another State or a Territory; and

        (g)     the Department of Home Affairs of the Commonwealth; and

        (h)     each prescribed entity.

    (3)     Without limiting subsection (1)(b), the information referred to in that provision may include—

        (a)     information regarding the person having expressed support for—

              (i)     the doing of a terrorist act; or

              (ii)     a terrorist organisation; or

              (iii)     the provision of resources to a terrorist organisation; or

        (b)     information regarding the person having, or having had, an association with—

              (i)     another person or a group that has expressed support of the kind referred to in paragraph (a); or

              (ii)     another person or a group that is directly or indirectly engaged in, preparing for, planning, assisting in or fostering the doing of a terrorist act; or

              (iii)     a terrorist organisation.

Note to s. 3B(3) amended by No. 32/2018 s. 104.


Sections 457A and 461A prevent the Youth Parole Board from having regard to information referred to in paragraph (b) for certain purposes unless satisfied that the person knew certain matters about the person or group that the association is with.

Ss 4, 5 repealed by No. 61/2014 s. 5.

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