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Passage of fish not to be blocked

    (1)     A person must not, except as permitted by or under this or any other Act, set a net, netting or other material or otherwise create an obstruction across or within a bay, inlet, river or creek or across or around an inter-tidal flat so that—

        (a)     fish will or could be blocked and left stranded; or

        (b)     immature fish will or could be destroyed; or

        (c)     the free passage of fish will or could be obstructed.

Penalty:     100 penalty units.

S. 119(2) amended by No. 5/1997
s. 22.

    (2)     A court finding a person guilty of an offence under this section may order the person to remove, within a specified period, the obstruction involved in the commission of the offence.

S. 119(3) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 108.

    (3)     If such an order is not complied with within the specified period, the Victorian Fisheries Authority

        (a)     may cause the obstruction concerned to be removed; and

        (b)     may, by proceedings brought in a court of competent jurisdiction, recover the cost of removal as a debt from the person against whom the order was made.

S. 119A (Heading) amended by No. 69/2004 s. 15(a), substituted by No. 21/2011 s. 8(1).

S. 119A inserted by No. 108/2003 s. 7, amended by Nos 69/2004 s. 15(b), 21/2011 s. 8(2)(a).

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