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Chief executive officer's reports

S. 131S(1) amended by Nos 7/2010 s. 11, 82/2012 s. 102, 68/2016 s. 128(2).

    (1)     As soon as practicable, after 30 June and 31 December but no more than 2 months after each date in each year, the chief executive officer must submit a report to the Victorian Inspectorate and the Secretary setting out the details required by subsection (2) in relation to authorised operations conducted during the previous 6 months.

    (2)     The report must include the following details—

S. 131S(2)(a) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 128(3).

        (a)     the number of authorities that have been granted or varied by the chief executive officer, and the number of applications for the granting or variation of authorities that have been refused by the chief executive officer, during the period to which the report relates; and

        (b)     the nature of the criminal activities against which the authorised operations were directed; and

        (c)     the nature of the controlled conduct engaged in for the purposes of the authorised operations; and

        (d)     if any of the authorised operations involved illicit goods, a statement (to the extent known) of—

              (i)     the nature and quantity of the illicit goods; and

              (ii)     the route through which the illicit goods passed in the course of the operations; and

        (e)     details of any loss of or serious damage to property, or any personal injuries, occurring in the course of or as a direct result of the authorised operations; and

S. 131S(2)(f) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 128(4).

        (f)     the number of authorities cancelled by the chief executive officer or that have expired during the period to which the report relates.

S. 131S(3) amended by Nos 82/2012 s. 102, 68/2016 s. 128(4).

    (3)     The Victorian Inspectorate may require the chief executive officer to furnish additional information covering any authorised operation to which a report relates.

    (4)     Nothing in subsection (2)(c) or (d) requires particulars of an authorised operation to be included in a report for a period of 6 months if the operation had not been completed during that period, but the particulars must instead be included in the report for the period of 6 months in which the operation is completed.

S. 131T (Heading) amended by No. 82/2012 s. 103(1).

S. 131T inserted by No. 16/2004 s. 49 (as amended by No. 87/2005 s. 6(b)).

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